Thursday, March 15, 2007

Connecticut Cops and their 16 year old prostitute girlfriends

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Bill Collins, a former four term Mayor of Norwalk and State Representative of Connecticut: "Guns are looked upon differently here, for familiar historic reasons. So are the police. While other countries feel it's important to install civilian oversight, we feel the opposite. We like to turn our police loose, a bit like vigilantes. Mostly, that preference has to do with race. Many Americans feel that blacks are a menace to their safety, and if police have to rough them up once in a while to keep them in their place, so be it. And if some whites also get mistreated in this exuberance of power, well, that's a small price to pay for security. At any rate, that seems to be the thinking in Connecticut"

[click here] for the audio interview with Donald Christmas, a property investor in the Thompsonville section of Enfield, Connecticut.

Connecticut Police with the Courts are out to break up families, take away children, arrest and process as many citizens as possible, to put as many citizens as possible in prison. Police will knowingly prepare false statements for a spouse to sign to make a false arrest. There is no law enforcement and their are no police in reality, Connecticut has "Armed Revenue Collectors" and the courts are "Revenue Collection Centers". The rest of the nation should take notice now before the infection out of Connecticut wrecks all of America.

Police will align with prostitutes, drug dealers, vandals, murderers, and common criminal parasites to help them set citizens up to take away property, assets, and the sum total of honest citizen's lives. Taxpayers being taken off line in a state to defraud all Federal Taxpayers is math that doesn't make sense in the long run. Breaking up families for gains in the short run is insanity.

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[click here] for audio interview with a police officer's ex wife. Cops can pass out marijuana to patrons of barrooms, children, and their DCF girlfriends that take away children based on made up evidence and bogus statements to make quotas. Some Connecticut Police Officers are said to be too drunk and high to return cruisers for the next shift.

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Putting a Governor, the Judiciary, and Police on Hot Seat?

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Mary M. Mushinsky
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