Monday, March 05, 2007

Cover Up Protection Rescinded?

Older, seasoned Police Officers in Enfield Connecticut may have paved the way to the thinking that officers can do as they please. Beating up prostitute girlfriends, driving while drunk and high, even on duty, and being Organized Crime operatives in the Connecticut Outback, might all be history. You can always tell when internal investigations are in progress and there are too many official crimes to cover up at a time- official bad behavior starts getting punished. High ranking officers and court personnel aren’t currently giving out “Free Passes”, why guys?

More women and minorities as judges, police officers, and in oversight will only help purify an overly infected Connecticut system of Injustice, Separate and Unequal, and “Good Ole Boy Network”. The shit has hit the fan, the straw has broken the camel’s back, and we the people are in for a treat.

Enfield Police Officers were sent to doors to collect overdue library fines when crime is out of hand. That says it all!


Two Enfield Officers Arrested

6:22 PM EST, March 5, 2007
By CHRISTINE DEMPSEY, The Hartford Courant
ENFIELD -- Despite the pleas of his defense attorney, a judge ordered an off-duty police officer to surrender his guns today after being arrested for a domestic dispute with his girlfriend and another officer.

The girlfriend, Michelle Curcio, 22, also was charged with disorderly conduct. Both were arraigned in Superior Court in Enfield today.

Judge Richard Dyer issued a partial protective order that requires Worden to surrender any guns and permits he owns to the local police.

Attorney Michael Georgetti said Worden will be unable to work as a police officer as long as he is unable to possess a gun.

Georgetti said Worden was trying to prevent Courcio from getting into a car and driving after she had been drinking. Georgetti asked that Dyer allow Worden to possess a gun when he is on duty as a police officer.

"He and the victim will have serious financial repercussions," Georgetti said.

Dyer said he understands the employment implications for Worden but because the allegations involve physical violence he must issue the protective order.

"I am very mindful of what I'm doing here."

The second officer, Bryan Nolan, 26, tried to break up the fight and called police, Sferrazza said. During the investigation of the dispute, police learned that Nolan had earlier stolen a stop sign from Brookline Plaza, Sferrazza said.

He was charged with sixth-degree larceny, and his court date is March 13, he said.

Both officers are suspended with pay, pending further investigation, Sferrazza said.

"Obviously, this is not the type of conduct that we expect from anybody, especially our officers," Sferrazza said. "I hope this doesn't, in the eyes of the public, taint or distract from the hard work and sacrifice that our officers do on a daily basis to keep its community safe."

The officer, Matthew Worden, 24, was charged with two counts of breach of peace and one count of third-degree assault after he was involved in an argument with his live-in girlfriend that got physical early Saturday, Chief Carl Sferrazza said.

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How about Stark Raving Lunatic?

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