Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Department of Children and Families

Can a state run such an abusive and dishonest system, the Feds have to take it over? [more]

DCF abuse is one thing. Is there across the board abuse? DMR is the Department of Retardation, is Connecticut going after whistle blowers in the system using the same methods? Kristine Blake has a stamped passport proving dishonest cops and others would manufacture evidence, make false statements, and perjure themselves in a Culture of Corruption retaliation system.

[click here] for the short video of me talking with Kristine Blake. Unlimited tax dollars can be used in malicious investigations and prosecutions of internal whistle blowers and "mouthy" citizens.

[click here] for Kristine Blake on Connecticut News

* * * *

[click here] for Official Connecticut's, Big Pharma's, and Yale University's worldwide scam by "the numbers" video regarding the treatment and testing of Lyme Disease. An effective Yale Patented test was discontinued to use an ineffective one to have a false negative result of tests to qualify an ineffective "vaccine" for Lyme Disease as effective, SCAM!!! The woman in the video was listed as an expert in FDA hearings taking the dangerous drug, LymeRX or LymeRix, off the market. Official Connecticut retaliated by locking her up in a mental hospital, taking away her kids, then putting her in prison, not telling he what she was charged with, to then sign a gag order that she would not criticize the government and not turn in corrupt officials as terms of her release. What!!!???

Yale University and Big Pharma is set to release a similar scam on the world.


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