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Disbarred Massachusetts Attorney Barbara C. Johnson

Barbara Johnson basically describes the pitfalls of the entire judicial system in the US in this hour and 20 minute interview below. Added to this post Jan. 20, 2010. If you want to know why, and how, our US justice does, or doesn't work, let this video play while you surf the net:

[click here] for my Dec. 5, 2009, post on Barbara Johnson talking about her new book, "Behind the Black Robes: Failed Justice". Post includes audio interview from Dec. 4, 2009.

Barbara C. Johnson, past candidate for Massachusetts Governor pictured with her fire engine.

Click youtube video above for audio recording of my phone conversation with her where the subjects are retaliation against lawyers that actually defend their clients against a judge's wishes and how Free Speech Rights don't apply to lawyers.

About 35 minutes into my interview with her, Barb discusses how Connecticut Court proceeding are unlawful and how conviction rates are a smoking gun. Judge Jonathan Kaplan and others worried that Barb would expose them so they retaliated. This interview tells what is really wrong with the system. Lawyers in Connecticut will lose their law licenses and their ability to pay their bills if they inform the public of the Judicial Abuse and defend their clients. Paying a lawyer in Connecticut or having one in Connecticut might prevent a defendant from getting a fair trial and justice.

Barbara does try to back peddle, maybe out of fear, later in the interview, but listen closely.

Why pay to have an additional prosecutor that claims to be a "defense lawyer"?

Lawyers that are out to eliminate Judicial Immunity and want ethics in their own "Lawyer Camp" are targets for a take down and so are average citizens. Judges are a base of power, they trump elected officials, and if you go to elected officials trying to get ethics and public service out the courts and police, you can be falsely arrested to be held as a political prisoner.

Barb was jailed and disbarred!

Barbara tangled with Rockville Connecticut Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan and maybe he was the one who was out to sink her for the contents of her website. That is outrageous!

[click here] for Barb's website. She was put in prison being told to take off major contents of her website. Judges and prosecutors don't want their crimes published on websites and will place attorneys in prison, have them disbarred for exposing Judicial Misconduct!

* * * *

[click here] for a case where a Judge didn't violate a felon on probation for almost killing 3 people, and no jail time was given to the "Felon Police Informant". The stabbing victim, stabbed 13 times, was arrested in the hospital when he woke up facing 6 months in prison for being alarming to the public in the process of almost being stabbed to death.

This case shows just how casual judges are in helping retaliate against those that lodge complaints against judges, prosecutors, defense lawyers, and police. This is common practice. Judges know they have qualified immunity and can help protect dirty politicians, other judges, prosecutors, and police officers with no fear of being arrested for obstruction of justice and conspiracy, what!!!???

* * * *

Can a governor and judges absolutely do as they please or is there a solution?

Chris Powell speaks [click here for part 1 short video]

[click here for short video part 2]

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Blogger "screwed" said...

I am [and my atty's] are beside ourselves when it comes to Judge Sabaitis and her decisions.Also the way she manipulates the law to apply to any case the way she see's fit.It is consistinly applied unfairly.I cannot believe the horror stories i have heard and the cases i read about on the internet about the way she runs her court room.I myself am just coming to the end of my case after 3+ years. In hindsite i would never ever and i mean NEVER bring a divorce before her again. I feel so badly for everyone in the future that has to go before her.I have lost all respect for the justice dept in this state.And still today I find it hard to believe that she is still allowed to make such important decisions that effect peoples lives.It is a disgrace that no one in the goverment has said enough is enough.If there is anyone out there that can point me in the right direction then i would love to hear from you.I will be checking in time to time to see if there is any response.Goodluck to anyone and everyone that has to go before her.I mean that in a very respectful way.Thankyou for your time "screwed"

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 6:32:00 PM  

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