Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Foster Care Abuse and the Need for Oversight

Are children being experimented on by drug companies. Are children being abused for profit? [more]. The Scientific Fraud time bomb [more] that may take out major officials and their friends to go to Club Fed, or other Federal Prison.

Eldercare abuse and States and Courts appointing lawyers to split up assets that were to go to adult children and heirs. [click here] scroll down to comments. A Long Island New York woman connected the dots for me on elder care abuse and how authorities go after those that complain about being abused by the system by being falsely charged with perjury or making false statements when I talked with her by phone yesterday. [more]

Did a Governor conspire with Organized Crime to go national with the nightmare franchise of "Kiddie Max" prisons? [click]. Is there a secret Connecticut State Police "Enemies List"[click] for those who post blogs like this?

Organized Criminals and Rogue Officials are fixing court cases so more and more children are taken away. DCF [post] employees are taught to lie and file false reports to make quotas and get promotions. The Police in Connecticut follow the same patterns, and are too often the perps of Domestic Violence [post]. Parents that have more money and power can get their ex arrested, financially ruined, and forever barred from seeing their children. The children suffer and this influence peddling is a Connecticut scourge that is fast infecting the nation as has Eminent Domain.

Remember the arcades and little beach houses along both coasts? Thanks to Eminent Domain [post], a Connecticut national precedent, they're all torn down, our American past is making way for condos for the rich. Well with Eminent Domain, the rich can displace the poor, get rich at the expense of everyone else, and will have you arrested if you are in the "Rich" and "White Only" sections of the US.



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