Tuesday, March 06, 2007

High Bail and Felony Charges to Harass

The more charges that can be placed on you, the higher the bail can be set. You pay a percentage of your bail and you don't get it back. The justice system is a money draining and citizen ruining racket and this has to change.

The courts and police have unlimited taxpayer paid budgets to load on whatever charges they feel like charging you with, innocent or guilty.

Defendants only have what is in their pockets and bank accounts. Judges and prosecutors would do less damage to society as a whole if they sawed off citizens legs at intervals using rusty blades without anesthesia, than to operate as they have as revenue collection centers, not mainly for criminal correction. Wrecking families, children, and the economy to illegally benefit a select few is just plain immoral.

Criminals are often ignored to bring in small business and home owners to make up for the corruption that draws beyond tax revenue to make the rich and powerful richer at everyone else's expense. Families, children, and faith in the system suffers. Our American Forefathers would be appalled, we should demand and get more quality and efficiency out of our government, police, and courts. We pay the bills, we deserve better.

Can police, judges, and prosecutors ruin citizens at will and then run them out of town? Check out the website the V-blogger, Pinkerton1, posts after his video.

Prosecutorial Misconduct On Kauai

In an attempt to suppress evidence from a jury, Kauai Prosecutors drop two felony charges and pursue a petty misdemeanor of which there is no jury trial. The prosecuting attorney Richard K. Minatoya has since resigned. Check out my website for an amazing story of Kauai Police and Prosecutor Misconduct.

The FBI should investigate more police departments in the US.

The FBI Investigates The Kauai Police Department

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