Friday, March 16, 2007

Informants and Informant Money

The money that police have to pay them, how is this tracked?

This fund is evil. Police are aware of many low level crimes, they then pay for more and more crimes to be committed. Police curbing and paying attention to low level crime, reduces crime. Reducing crime means officers could be out of jobs. Informants allegedly get to keep half of anything they steal, half of drug money, and half of the drugs they buy for police. When teens and children are used by police, police are contributing to the delinquency of minors. They are also contributing to overall criminal activity by ALSO acting as criminals. These practices need to be ended.

Prosecutors and police can have a cozy relationship with prostitutes and common criminal parasites. Informants can be part of cop gangs, the buffers can do their bidding, and the cops can pretend to be squeaky clean. Without a new crop of criminals being produced, how can larger and larger police and judiciary budgets be excused? Police and members of the Judiciary should not be dictating policy. Without Civilian Oversight, police, defense attorneys, prosecutors, DCF workers, probation and corrections officers, and judges can act as criminals while being paid with tax dollars directly and indirectly. Elected representatives of the people should dictate policies, not the Judicial/Attorney/Police Union Mafia.

If teens and children are pointed in the right direction early, they can be productive, taxpaying adults. There is a push to keep poorer whites and minorities out of the White and Elite areas. By labeling the “fringe” criminals, the Elite can keep the best housing and employment opportunities for themselves. Federal Tax Dollars pay states more money to detain and take away children, process and arrest, and detain citizens of all ages. A State loses money by being ethical and having concerns for families and children. Policies should change. Oversight is needed for police and the judiciary.

Self-policing doesn’t work for priests or investment bankers, and police, prosecutors, judges, and attorneys should not be regulating and overseeing themselves.

Be respectful and cautious with police. If you keep your hands where they can see them and answer questions in the shortest, most direct way while being polite, using soft tones, there is less of an excuse for tazering, macing, or beating you. Illegal drugs, crime, and discord support the police, attorneys, and members of the judiciary. If you wish to make a statement in protest against the corrupt system, don’t do drugs, drink, smoke, carry weapons, commit crimes, gamble, and disrespect those around you. If you really want to emasculate the corrupt officials, make sure as many children as possible become productive, taxpaying adults.

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