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”Lick it, or Ticket!”

Diclaimer: Most police officers do their jobs and are honorable. The bad ones put a stain on all. Too many good cops are silent when the bad ones do as they please. Obviously almost all women won't be coerced into sex to get out of a ticket, drug possession or a DUI arrest might be another story. Most cops can be good family men, never cheating on their girlfriends or wives. Got, that, MOST, so there is a relatively small percentage of bad apples within the police. These bad apples give all cops a bad name. Good cops that turn in bad ones need protection as the bad ones can be very scary, indeed.

Single police officers usually have no problem finding dates or members of the opposite, or if they go that way, the same sex as themselves. There are social outcasts in every group, police organizations are not an exception. Police Officers, prosecutors, and judges that have past issues and can transfer hatred for a school yard bully to someone, innocent, in the general public. It could be because of their ethnic background or because their name is easy to make fun of.

Spouses of police officers that are estranged are especially vulnerable to the wrath of "close buddies", who see their friend as a victim of an out of control ex-spouse.

”Lick it, or Ticket!” could be a new program for cops. It could be the slogan for their campaign, placed on bumper stickers affixed to the back of cruisers. I am not above using offensive and inappropriate humor to make my point curbing a police practice that I find outrageous.

I used to work 3rd shift at a 24 hour convenience store. Police Officers referred to Friday and Saturday nights as “Date Night”.

Attractive women that were assumed to be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs would be targeted. Women could negotiate out of tickets and arrest through oral or regular sex.

There are two approaches. The second is with the threat of arrest and serious jail time. An officer can threaten any citizen with being charged with disorderly conduct, possession of drugs, guns, and/or assault on an officer. Police are known to have a variety of drugs and “throw away” guns to plant on suspect they have shot or want to set up for an arrest. Officers brag about how they place a gun in a woman or girl’s mouth and have her lick the tip of it and suck on it. Some officers get extra pleasure by holding the gun to the woman’s head.

Officers would carry nylons as they don’t leave bind marks on risks. If you see a knot tied in nylons hanging out of a closed cruiser door with the other back door open, you might be driving by a “rape in progress”. Officers will take turns.

Officers that carry condoms in their uniforms or cruiser can be serial rapists. Officers that carry nylons are most likely rapists also. Women that are considered attractive by officers that call in domestic disturbances can be coerced into sex with officers as not to have their children taken away or to avoid a “set up” arrest. A restraining order is filed against the husband or boyfriend, and the officer then has “move in” access whether he is married or not.

On slow nights, officers would ask me to borrow the dumpster corral keys. A game police officers would play was to see if they could get a suspect to pee his pants. A gun would be placed in the man’s mouth and he was told to lick it and suck on it or lose his teeth. Officers then beat, punched, and kicked suspects in handcuffs. Blood and skin would be hanging off the bricks in the wall inside the dumpster corral.

I asked the officers how they got away with this as I was curious. 3 of them got in my face, one took out his Billy club and asked me if I wanted to find out. I told them I wasn’t going to say anything, so they answered my question.

“He fell down the stairs at the jail.”

“There aren’t stairs at lock up, ha ha!”

Someone beaten up by police can wake up in the hospital and have a choice of pleading guilty to some charges or face assault on an officer charges in court. Judges and prosecutors side with dirty cops.

Police call low level drug dealers and common criminal parasites, “Informants”. Cops have “informant” money to pay informants. Informants that are young are recruited into being in the cop “street gang” to beat citizens, threaten them, to get drugs, arrange sex from underage girls at sex parties, and will even pay the going rate of $10,000 to have a citizen that makes a police misconduct complaint, whacked. Prostitutes will pay part of their trick money to cops or will perform oral sex or have sex with officers “for protection” from being arrested.

The practice in Hartford, Connecticut, was so out of hand it had a name, “Zippergate”.

An African American was stabbed so many times his heart was hanging out of his chest. I asked officers if they were going to do an investigation into the murder and one answered, “Killing Niggers is a public service, we’re not wasting time investigating.”

Hookers from the nearby hotel would come by and would get on their knees in the dairy cooler and officers would sit on two to three dairy crates and collect “protection”. A hooker even offered me a “freebie” and I told her thank you, but no thank you.

Officer John A. got upset with me as I thought he was a sleazy whore for what he did nightly. He started sprinkling black pepper on the floor as he knew I would sneeze while I did the 3 AM sweep. I endured this for about 3 weeks until he took his porno magazine into the backroom “dumper” to have a “sit down”, I poured a whole can of black pepper down his defroster in his police cruiser and put the fan on 4. I locked myself in the store and watched as he faded from view as black pepper completely covered him. He put his cruiser lights on and announced he was going to kill me got out of the car and pointed his gun at me. He never poured pepper on the floor I was to sweep ever again.

Back to modern times.

Drugs are cop currency. Cops are known to smoke weed with their DCF girlfriends. Arranging to have someone’s kids taken away is a bargaining chip and is classic in retaliation against those police target on their “Enemies List”, allegedly this is a Connecticut State Police unofficial policy.

A woman was beaten and raped left unconscious in a parking lot, partially nude. Detective Coleman of Troop C Connecticut State Police allegedly told her that she was probably making the story of being raped, up, and she could face arrest. Translation, “I’m too arrogant and lazy to do an actual investigation. T.M. was telling her story to officers about a week later and asked officers not to touch her. So two of them then Tazered her. Her cloths were then taken from her and she was placed on “suicide watch” in front of a camera at lock up. If she did not have large breast or was male, she probably would not have been placed on “suicide watch”.

An Ellington Connecticut Officer broke up an argument between two sisters at a local bar. He then took the woman to a hotel room for her “protection”. He later came back off duty. The woman woke up in her socks, nude, and realized she had been sexually assaulted. She reported the officer and there was talk of whether the officer would keep his job or not, nothing about being arrested for rape.

I reported two girls 14 and 16 for taking their shirts off flashing drivers of cars out on the main Route of 190 in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. I did not want the girls turning tricks and selling ecstasy off or near my rental properties. Officers did nothing expect ogle the girls and hit on them.

Vicky Tomaro (Tamaro?) could often be seen on her knees giving crack cocaine dealers and her “Johns” her service right on West Main St. in Stafford Springs. Connecticut State Police did nothing when she moved in one of my apartments without permission to turn tricks, sell crack and other drugs, and fence stolen good with Jimmy Hogancamp. Hogancamp would steal cash and merchandise from his half brother’s pawn shop. Jimmy would entice young girls to play video games at the pawn shop. He would then get them addicted to crack and he would then be pimping them out. For whatever reason Connecticut State Police weren’t interested in going after Jimmy or his “business”.

Lana Thompson was another prostitute that moved into my apartments. She, too, would not have passed my background checks and would not be offered a “free apartment” where I pay all utilities and expenses for 6 months to a year. She threatened me with arrest if I tried to evict her as she went to see the prosecutor, Keith Courier, at the Rockville Court. I called Courier trying to have Thompson prosecuted. Police had refused to throw her out for trespassing. Courier told me I would be arrested and prosecuted if I did anything regarding bothering Lana. I went through the eviction process and had to pay to have Lana physically removed from my property along with her belongings. Courier later helped see I went to prison for being mugged on my property whereupon I lost everything.

At around the same time I was having to deal with Lana Thompson, Robin Pelc told me she used to “hook” in Florida and had used Heroin and Crack Cocaine and was now clean and I had to rent an apartment out to a paying tenant or lose my properties that I fixed up from a boarded up condition. She was good for about a month and then started hooking and selling heroin and crack cocaine all hours. Her kids were left without food and supervision. Police did nothing. Ken and Robin Pelc committed felony property damage, and police refused to pursue the criminals threatening me with arrest if I bothered them by reporting crimes.

Connecticut State Police and Stafford Town Officers told me that I could be charged with interfering with police if I got in the way of downtown drug dealers. If there were 3 arrests on my property it could be taken under the nuisance statute. Even so I did not want heroin, crack cocaine, and other drugs sold off or near my property. I didn’t want prostitutes around, no matter their age. I didn’t want teens drinking on my front yard all hours using it as a toilet smashing my windows. Drug dealers Rodney Spittle, David Drice, and David Hayes all told me that if I called police on them, I would be arrested, not them. They were right in a certain sense, the officers that used them, just arrest them too, when they are sick of them. I went to police asking for help with illegal dumping on my property and told I would be fined $100/day until it was cleaned up. Officers made a special project out of harassing me and setting me up for prison, wrecking a productive citizen, breaking up a family. So, this is how your tax dollars are spent.

“Lick it, or Ticket” is offensive. This practice of police contributing to the delinquency of minors, promoting crime, prostitution, murder, and the raping of citizens has to stop.

Cameras with audio need to be installed facing inside of cruisers.

Cops found with large amounts of unexplained cash, drugs, and guns not logged in as evidence should be arrested and prosecuted. There needs to be sting operations where attractive women call in domestic abuse, where hookers allow police officers to solicit them for “protection”, where a known amount of money in marked bills and weight of drugs is planted at a “crime scene”. Officer caught taking money or drugs for themselves should be arrested.

There needs to be Civilian Oversight of Internal Affairs Investigations, Police and their agendas, prosecutors, judges, DCF, probation and parole officers, and defense attorneys.

The wholesale rape and abuse of citizens must stop.

Police Officers such as mentioned above saw to it that I was put in prison after they perjured themselves to cover up for their false arrest of me because I don't like officers raping citizens, abusing children, breaking up families, hurting investment property and small business owners, beating, robbing, and murdering citizens.

[click here] for a post that best describes my angst with Connecticut and the current form of American Injustice

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[click here] for video title, "Women Raped by Connecticut State Police afraid to complain"

[click here] for video title, "
Rich Woman jumped by police and arrested"
07:55 (The Mary Alice Cook of Fairfield County Connecticut story)

[click here] for video title, "


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Drug war corrupts cops
Home News Tribune Online 03/14/07
Claiming to be the "world's leading drug policy newsletter," the Drug War Chronicle publishes a regular online feature called, "This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories." When hundreds of reports compiled over the past year from around the nation are read at one sitting, they add up to a hidden cost of America's ill-fated drug war — widespread corruption inside local police departments, prisons and jails.

Each year, American taxpayers spend tens of billions of dollars in a failed attempt to stop people from using illicit drugs. Courts, prisons and jails are filled with big-time drug runners and small-time marijuana users. All for what? According to the U.S. government's annual survey of drug use among persons aged 12 and older, in 2005 there were 14.6 million marijuana users, up from 9.8 million in 1995. And cocaine users shot up from 1.5 million in 1995 to 2.4 million in 2005.

On top of that, the tax-funded drug war is corrupting our tax-funded drug warriors. Their code of silence, loyalty to other officers, and cynicism about the criminal-justice system make police officers especially vulnerable to corruption. Rather than isolated individuals working alone, drug-related corruption is characterized by small groups of officers protecting and assisting one another in criminal activities.

Last year's corrupt cops stories included these from the Garden State:

An 18-year veteran of the Irvington police force was arrested and charged with stealing drugs from the department's evidence locker.
Two Newark police officers pleaded guilty in federal court to charges they bought thousands of OxyContin pills from a doctor and resold them. Again in Newark, six police officers were indicted on charges they warned a drug ring about police raids in exchange for drugs.

A Dover police detective was sentenced to three years in a state prison for helping himself to cocaine from an evidence stash.

A 17-year veteran corrections officer at Bayside State Prison in Maurice River Township was arrested and charged with smuggling drugs into prison and working with a network of eight inmates to distribute the drugs.
Other stories from around the nation included these:

Five Los Angeles police officers were charged with belonging to a ring that committed armed robberies disguised as drug raids. The gang used police uniforms and sometimes LAPD patrol cars to raid houses suspected of drug dealing.

In Texas, an Elsa City police officer was indicted for allegedly taking a $5,000 bribe to protect a cocaine shipment.

An investigation uncovered that Baltimore police officers in the city's special crime-fighting squads had been planting drugs to make arrests.
Awash in drug money from asset forfeitures throughout the country, federal agents are hardly better than their state colleagues. Between 2003 and 2005, federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents made more than 16,000 cash seizures totaling nearly $616 million. Sloppy handling of cash was responsible for at least 12 instances where cash came up lost or stolen.

As long as the demand for illicit drugs remains strong, attempts to cut off the supply will only make these drugs more valuable to the users, more profitable for the traffickers and an irresistible temptation for even more cops to cross over to the other side.

What to do? Joseph D. McNamara, a fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University and the former police chief of San Jose, Calif., frames the problem this way: "The sheer hopelessness of the task force has led many officers to rationalize their own corruption. They say, "Why should the enemy get to keep all the profits?' Guys with modest salaries are suddenly looking at $10,000 or more, and they go for it."

In an article titled "When Cops Become the Gangsters," McNamara concludes, "Corruption will be a major problem as long as we cling to the present drug policies. The harm to good cops and society can be reduced if politicians abandon their demagogic calls for a police war against drugs."

Ronald Fraser, Ph.D., writes on public policy issues for the DKT Liberty Project, a Washington-based civil-liberties organization. Write him at fraserr@erol

Monday, March 19, 2007 8:11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

See the movie "Crash." Matt Dillon shows how a typical cop sexual assault goes down.

Monday, March 19, 2007 10:57:00 PM  

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