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Lyme Disease Activists

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An Excellent Article On The US Government's Creation Of Lyme Disease As A Biological Weapon

It is amazing that many of the Lyme Disease activists are saying the same things about the same subjects and they can't all know each other. Many activists in the Lyme Community have a strong background in Chemistry and related fields. Some have access to know what bio-weapons are currently being researched along with current capability. Those that are scientists and that have the credentials are worth a listen. I know nothing of the individual that I have linked to above.

Kathleen Dickson a research scientist was stricken with Lyme Disease about a decade or so ago. She claims that she gave Lyme Disease to her unborn children, 3 of them. Testifying in front of the FDA, Dickson, was listed as an expert witness with the knowledge to take a dangerous Lyme Vaccine off the market. She also exposed fraudulent testing made to make corporate criminals rich. [post]

Lisa Masterson made similar accusations and may have a similar scientific background as does Diskson. Masterson is in the UK, Dickson in Connecticut. Masterson was critical of Yale Universities policies and research papers regarding Lyme Disease. Masterson, like Dickson, then had her kids taken away and was thrown in a mental hospital.

These activists can say some very outlandish things. But what is alarming is that more and more are proving some of this "outlandish" stuff with documents from trusted sources.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's interesting that Yale's Patricia Leebens and Yale's James
Phillips believe torturing children and families who resent
the false allegations as well as the off-the-charts stupidity
of the DCF, and Yale's James Phillips particular stupidity about
Lyme being a brain disease despite being given mountains of
information about how Lyme is a brain disease, don't have the
intellectual capacity to reconcile what's obvious to all of the rest
of the world, but only now suddenly occurs to the American
Psychiatric Morons Association (article below)?

The CT DCF has so little concern with the mental outcomes
of false separations from parents to prevent malpractice and
other lawsuits, (Lyme is a permanent brain infection, and now
even the common person knows it), that they developed the
DCF-Rowlandgate TREA plan, where they would build a
"national string of prisons and juvenile detention centers"
to further capitalize on the trauma and dementedness that
comes from illegal DCF removals- which are 90% of the removals
(a national and State statistic).

In fact, this DCF scheme to continually reinjure the injured
is the reason John G. Rowland went to jail for 10 months.
They got sloppy about their DCF slutty whoring, drunken
crimes, which ** still threatens ** to ruin reputations in this
state (and I promise you, WILL).

In all honesty, I do not know how people who are as
stupid as James Phillips could possibly earn a degree
in medicine. This tells you the entrance requirements to
medical schools in the US are not based on talent.

This ought to change. They should be required to take an
IQ test before being admitted to any US medical school.

Then again, the Infectious Diseases Society of America
has 8,000 members, the APA has 35,000 members, yet
nowhere on either of their websites is there the statement
about Lyme that is on all the Combined National Institutes of
Health's website:

Tuesday, March 06, 2007 7:44:00 AM  

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