Thursday, March 01, 2007

My definition of a Political Activist

I was surprised when I first was called a, “Political Activist”.

I wrote in newspapers and realize if police and judges don’t like the content of what you write in the newspaper or the laws you propose to legislators, you can be threatened by police and worse. If you do not keep some opinions to yourself you can be arrested, go to prison, and lose everything you have ever worked for. You may lose your family, friends, job, retirement, credit, everything.

If you lose everything and aren’t able to get most jobs or a place to live, there is little choice other than to go crazy, abuse substances, commit suicide, go postal, or become a political activist. Blogs have been my therapy.

Most people out there only care about themselves, so helping others is out of the question. I have helped countless people by blogging about their cases or not blogging about their cases as I have been told by them not to as they would not be unjustly barbecued if I did not blog. So without the blog, the threat of the blog was enough.

Injustice shrinks in light.

I have gotten countless thank you-s. With little on no money, I have helped others with greater means. Those that know me, know that I leave no rock unturned and will fight for what is right until my last breath. Ask me, and maybe I will. Tell me, I won’t budge.

I have earned knowledge. I may not now be rich, but I know how things work inside out, upside down, outside in.

My payday will be the art I leave behind.

There are those emailing me now about possible media projects. Development money for screenplays and documentaries is a good venue to spread the word. If I am to be involved in any projects, I will put forth the same effort I have put into my blogs and I have been blogging before blogging was popular.

Thank you for stopping by, thank you for reading.

-Steven G. Erickson

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