Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The "New" Salem Witch Hunt

To railroad citizens to prisons for the rich to get richer at the expense of everyone else, is to charge a citizen with making a false statement or perjury. The industrial base of the US is vastly disappearing. To make up for the lack of tax revenue from goods produced and trade, other excuses for high paying jobs for the privileged to give to their friends are "needed". There is a greater and greater need to incarcerate and process more and more citizens, to make work for those that are getting more and more jobs at taxpayer expense. You are expendable and you have a price on your head. An educated public is one that can fight back.

Chris Kennedy of Ellington, a former Independent Candidate for Connecticut State Representative saw that the written record of statements made by Prosecutor Parekilas and Judge Jonathan Kaplan did not agree with one another. Chris and I believe he is being retaliated against illegally by a judge that seems to be a sociopath. Judges in Connecticut too often consider themselves above the law. Chris alerted the legal aid to the Connecticut Governor of Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan's judicial misconduct. Chris was soon arrested facing a $500,000 bond and 30 years in prison. He was charged with checking the wrong box in a form he filled out, a minuscule, honest mistake.

A Long Island New York public access television correspondent sent me a link to one of her websites. Excerpt: Similarly, in United States v. Tonelli, 577 F.2d 194 (3d Cir. 1978), the defendant answered negatively a question whether he had "handled any pension fund checks. " The government then proved that the defendant had actually handled the transmission of pension fund checks by arranging for others to send, mail, or deliver the checks. The government charged the defendant with perjury. [click here for http://www.perjury.us/]

Anyone can be set up for an arrest and not see daylight again.



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