Thursday, March 29, 2007

Officer Felony Sexual Assault

I think there ought to be a law regarding police officers not having any sexual contact or gratification on the job, while being paid with tax dollars. This practice should end for better quality officers and law enforcement.

A victim of trauma could have seconds to live, so officers otherwise involved could mean life or death.

By making sex on the job, a felony, the non-consensual sex that police officers are engaged in would be curbed as would other forms of police misconduct, especially in States like Connecticut.

Most police misconduct is not investigated and victims of police brutality, rape, and other crimes, fear being victimized again by other officers out to protect a "brother".

If a police officer can be charged with felony theft for the gas used to go home at lunch time, why shouldn't sex on the job also be a felony?

Underage girls plied for sex by officers supplying alcohol or drugs would be curbed.

There would be less incentive to "skim" drugs off of a bust.

Officers with illegal drugs on them off duty would have a harder time explaining everything away.

Accounting for police officer's "informant money" would keep officers from using it to gamble, paying informants to kill or beat up citizens that make police misconduct complaints. [example]

Officers should not be able to steal from the "till" to commit crimes.

Women being "allowed to negotiate" out of drug charges or a DUI would be curbed.

Sex is cop currency. A lot of cops would not have gone dirty had they feared felony arrests for getting in entry level, going bad for cops.

If police officers are driving and do not have their emergency lights flashing they are supposed to obey traffic laws too. Officers should have to write themselves tickets when flashed down by a civilian for officer infractions, there ought to be a law for this procedure to exist. It should taken an officer driving on the wrong side of the interstate smashing into a bus for an officer to be charged with driving infractions. [example]

Police Officers need quality control, just like food products, or they spoil or are served "tainted".

Civilian Oversight of Police is needed nationally.

Ritt Goldstein fled to Sweden seeking political asylum after proposing Civilian Oversight of Police. [his video] Ritt assembled victims and international experts on the subject to testify in front of the Connecticut Judiciary Committee Legislators at the Hartford Capitol.

I ask the new Connecticut State Police Commissioner John A. Danaher III., "What about crimes committed by Police Officers?" [here]

[click here] for a post on the Connecticut State Police "Goon Squad" which includes pictures.

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