Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Political Persecution and Prosecutions

US Attorneys, Judges, Prosecutors, Police, and other officials are too little rewarded when they stand alone against injustice. If we the people are to get any protection and service from police, the courts, and tax paid authorities, the good officials have to be protected and rewarded.

Officials need the backing and tools necessary to remove arrogant rogues out of public service and their corrupt cronies out of our pockets, our bedrooms, to quit manipulating our collective lives.

Let us make it so that our Forefathers didn’t waste their time.

Let us make it so that all those that fought so bravely in the name of freedom on countless battlefields, to suffer and die, not to have done so in vane.

Civilian Oversight would prevent the abuse from happening so much across the board. Secret signifies abuse.

Access to Justice and our government is quickly becoming history, speak up now or maybe you’ll have to forever hold your tongue if you want to keep it.

Sen. Pete Domenici talks to reporters in November.

Domenici acknowledges call to fired U.S. attorney

• Sen. Pete Domenici said he called about the time frame of a criminal investigation
• Prosecutor says he was fired for dismissing pressure from Congress members
• Domenici: At no time did I tell him what action he should take on any legal matter

WASHINGTON (AP) -- New Mexico Sen. Pete Domenici acknowledged Sunday that he called a federal prosecutor to ask about a criminal investigation, but insisted he never pressured nor threatened his state's U.S. attorney.

The prosecutor, David Iglesias, was fired by the Justice Department in December. Iglesias says he believes he was dismissed for resisting pressure from two members of Congress before last year's election to rush indictments in a Democratic kickback investigation.

Iglesias, a Republican, has said he would not name the lawmakers unless asked under oath.

A House Judiciary subcommittee subpoenaed the prosecutor last week to appear Tuesday and testify under oath. He also was scheduled to appear before a Senate committee the same day. Domenici refused last week to say if he had contacted Iglesias.

But in his statement Sunday, the senator said he called Iglesias last year and asked "if he could tell me what was going on in that investigation and give me an idea of what time frame we were looking at.

"It was a very brief conversation, which concluded when I was told that the courthouse investigation would be continuing for a lengthy period," Domenici said in the statement.

"In retrospect, I regret making that call and I apologize," Domenici said. "However, at no time in that conversation or any other conversation with Mr. Iglesias did I ever tell him what course of action I thought he should take on any legal matter. I have never pressured him nor threatened him in any way."

Communication by a member of Congress with a federal prosecutor about an ongoing criminal investigation may constitute an ethics violation.

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