Friday, March 30, 2007

Presidential Quality Control?

If you draw a paycheck, or have earned your keep anytime in your life, you’ve had someone over your shoulder, a boss.

We the People are supposed to be the boss, we pay taxes, and we pay the salaries of elected and other officials from the US President on down.

Does the President really have anyone looking over his shoulder? What would have prevented the Iran Contra or the Monica Lewinsky scandal?

What if the local librarian, trash collector, or town “pain in the ass” could look over the President’s shoulder for us, report to us, and be the alter ego that keeps a President honest? This person would have no real power other than information and the free spread of it. Obviously exposing the names of CIA undercover operatives would not be covered under the “free” spread of information to the public.

I think all towns and districts of a certain size range based on the number of people should be instituted, for proposed legislation, to vote for someone with no political affiliations or special interests to be our Presidential watchdog/advocate. This person would be elected by a small group.

A national lottery could be held for the winner of all these contests to be picked purely by chance to oversee the President, Vice President, cabinet, and others in their daily routine. This individual would have total access, would have no powers, but with immunity could “leak” all stories he or she chose to, to media, bloggers, or the world, with clearly defined exceptions, with penalties starting at income docking for our advocate, with the maximum being removal, except for clear criminal activity.

Fun could be had, Americans would be in less danger traveling abroad, and we the people might get a start on getting our money’s worth and just a little respect for all that WE do, if we could get legislation passed that put some ethics back into office, curbing our current Culture of Corruption.


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