Tuesday, March 13, 2007


To the women that have been raped and sexually assaulted by Connecticut Police:

Your emails into me are disturbing. Until I saw Ritt Goldstein’s video [click] I never knew how many women are battered and sexually assaulted by Connecticut State Troopers and Connecticut town police. Cases aren’t investigated and the women are terrorized and victims again, but of the system. If cops have 10's of thousands of unexplainable or “informant” dollars to hire hit men to kill those that lodge police misconduct complaints, and even officers caught being sloppy and stupid in their murder for hire plots [dumb cops, corrupt judge evidence] don’t get punished, anything goes as so does violent rape and battering of women anywhere from any walk of life perpetrated by Connecticut Police.

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My problems with Connecticut State Police began when I was alarmed at the children and teens using and dealing hard drugs and dropping out of school in the neighborhood where I fixed up boarded up houses into affordable palaces for rent or for sale. [properties video] I was a founding member of the Stafford Springs Connecticut crime watch. I wanted police officers to be able to write teens detentions and I wanted to have a game plan for police to investigate cases and have early intervention with teens in trouble. I was then threatened by police if I did not leave the State of Connecticut. It is amazing how quickly police will go after a citizen that wants them to actually earn their taxpayer paid salaries. You paid for two officers at a time to spend all day following me around terrorizing me and pulling dates I had over to terrorize them out of dating me.

So, after being railroaded to prison I know what it is to be slammed up against a wall of a bathroom have two of my arms pulled tight away from me by two huge thugs, fearing being raped. The armed robber that had spent two Christmas outside of prison in about 30 years has lost one of his eyes during an armored car robbery near Boston at age 17. He yanked my pants down and had hand cream in his hands ready to lube up. I asked him if he wanted to keep his remaining eye where upon the two African Americans holding each of my arms, one saying, “Damn, what a coldhearted Mother Fucker!” releasing me.

I wasn’t raped but, but I think it ok to kill any jackass that attempts rape, whether the victim is male or female.. Ladies, don’t let any jackass criminals get away with sexual assault, even jackass Connecticut cops. If you weren’t able to kill them while being assaulted, do the next best thing. Report the bastard and you will probably find the same officer has multiple victims. The Connecticut Police Internal Affairs does nothing as does complaints against lawyers or judges. The only way to win is if the names of jackasses end up in print or on blogs and then the system is embarrassed into at least partially working. Prevent other victims, and suffer less and heal with the truth getting out. The pain will then start to go away.

Relatively few officers rape and beat citizens. The good officers are silent and help hold the wall of silence out of fear. Let's break that cycle.


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