Thursday, March 15, 2007

Reporting being Raped to Police

Dear Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell and to whom it may concern:

A woman might expect a little compassion and understanding when reporting such a heinous crime to police. I have known T.M., her mother, and brother, for 10 years. T.M. was beaten unconscious and raped in a Willington Connecticut parking lot near her car. Detective Coleman from Troop C, Connecticut State Police was lead on the case. I am told that he threatened T.M. with arrest, was harsh, insensitive, and told her she was probably making it up, horsehockey! There is no quality control of cops and if you complain about police misconduct the citizen is arrested and faces prison, is this a good state?

Are Connecticut Police too arrogant and lazy to investigate most crimes, unless there is revenue to be made? What is with Connecticut Police being sent to doors to collect overdue library fines?

About a week after she was raped police observed T.M. in a parking lot. She again told her story to them asking them not to touch her. T.M. was tazered by two officers and arrested. They took away her clothes and put her in a cell in front of cameras for a “suicide watch”. T.M. was terrorized into pleading guilty to “reduced charges” to be put on probation and going through court proceedings and huge expenses. Her Mother, T.M., and her brother have all left Connecticut as are more and more citizens that have their property, assets, family unity, and quality of life ripped from them due to corrupt courts, police, and officials are leaving Connecticut in droves.

I know of 3 individuals that have left the US, seeking political asylum, because the cops in Connecticut are so abusive, violent, commit perjury, file bogus reports, target people that demand honest cops, and can be sexual predators. The courts in Connecticut back up bad cops to further victimize victims. To turn your back on your own country has to involve serious breaches of trust Official Connecticut! [click here] for Ritt Goldstein's video on Connecticut police and judicial misconduct.

The woman that was sexually assaulted by the Ellington Connecticut Police Officer who brought her to a hotel room “for her protection” to come back to the hotel off duty to take her clothes off to have sex with her and then she wakes up in only her socks. The woman still hasn’t received justice.

Another woman was beaten and raped by a Connecticut Officer to terrorize her during her custody and divorce case so the case could be fixed where she would be screwed out of a fair settlement and she and her kids would suffer with infrequent and visits meant to cause anguish. The woman has also left Connecticut.

[click here] for a man flicking through hundreds of pages of accounts of un-ivestigated rapes and other crimes that police have committed against citizens that don’t get investigated and officers have a free pass to rape, rob, beat, and even murder. The video clip is of a Judicial Hearing on the need for Police Oversight at the Capitol in Hartford. Politicians can’t claim they weren’t told.

I spent 100's of thousands of dollars and years fixing boarded up Connecticut properties. [video] I begged police for protection and service so I could enjoy my home and make a living. I was threatened for asking them to do their jobs, followed around, and terrorized. Two Connecticut State Troopers committed perjury for me to go to prison for having pepper sprayed a police informant that was sent to terrorize me out of my home after he jumped me, beat me, and tried to kill me in my dark driveway. I’ve left Connecticut. [click here] for post on how police pay others to kill and/or set up those that lodge police misconduct complaints.

My choice of investing in and running a small business in Connecticut cost me everything and ruined my life. It is no place to bring up children or retire in. The rip offs and across the board abuse is sickening.

If cops are beating and raping women in Connecticut and good citizens are targets for police for wanting honest government in Connecticut, why should anyone live, work, or even drive through Connecticut if extreme changes aren’t made? Shouldn’t victims of Connecticut’s bogus court proceedings and false arrests be compensated and have their records expunged?

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
972 Putney Rd. # 156
Brattleboro, VT 05301

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Why won't Governor Rell or Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal address problems like the ones stated above? [click here] for more

Do Connecticut State Police appear to be no more than White Supremest Thugs in this video? [click]

[click here] for Connecticut's Official site

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[click here] for the Kenneth Krayeske story. Is there a secret Connecticut State Police "Enemies List" where citizens that don't agree with governor or State Police policies are falsely arrested and face prison?

[click here] for a post on The Connecticut State Police "Goon Squad"

[click here for video] Can lawyers rip off their clients for millions in Connecticut, not provide any service, and nothing is done?


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