Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Most people don't know the real deals behind the Organized Criminal bribing of former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland. Rowland is known as "Johnny" to both Presidents, Bush.

Rowland, former DCF Commissioner Regaglia, Tomasso, and others conspired to go national with their nightmare scheme of "Kiddie Max" Prisons for children.

Organized Crime would get their cut in building the facilities. It was to go national as a franchise and be the "McDonalds of Confinement".

Johnny G. and Christine Regaglia were living high on the hog on the Organized Crime Dime.

Ms. Regaglia the former head of DCF was known to have large amounts of fast food containers and alcohol bottles in her trash, something DCF may have used to take kids away from non-connected parents. Mrs. Rowland was allegedly to have remarked to other Rowland staffers to make sure that Regaglia was wearing underwear under her short skirts when bending over near the then Governor's desk.

Official Connecticut gets about 90k for each kid they kidnap from parents in Federal Tax Dollars, 150k for special needs children. At least $75/day/adult inmate is collected in Federal Tax Dollars. Where is the incentive not to rip families apart and incarcerate children and adults in as great a numbers as is possible?

How do Connecticut Judges get some of their own bribe money? [click]

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