Thursday, April 19, 2007

Abolish the Connecticut State Police

The Connecticut State Police are up for International Reaccreditation. There is rampant Connecticut State Police Misconduct. I sent an email [click here for text] to help make sure the Connecticut State Police are not honored when their Organized Crime Syndicate should be dismantled. Abolish the Connecticut State Police, bolster town departments, enact Civilian Oversight of Police, monitor the courts installing cameras with audio everywhere, and form a Connecticut Highway Patrol.

Ritt Goldstein proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to the Connecticut Judiciary Committee at the Hartford Capitol, Legislative Section. Ritt soon fled to Sweden seeking political asylum after making the video above in Dec. 1996. Connecticut State Police can raped women and get away with, there is testimony. Police can help a husband beat his wife and the wife get arrested facing serious charges. The former Mayor of Norwalk Connecticut, Bill Collins, talks about how police officers throw their beer bottles on his porch vandalizing his home, terrorizing him. Other citizens were abducted by police wearing ski masks to be beaten at a waterfront abandoned factory.

The quality of the video sucks, but I have gotten emails where it is watched over and over, so viewers get every word.

I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police and was railroaded to prison. Before I was attacked on my property to be railroaded to prison, I wrote this letter to George W. Bush [click here]

A very short video of the properties the Connecticut State Police harassed and terrorized me out of:

My email:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Attorney Michael H. Agranoff wasn't such an incompetent fuck up we all would have to hear all this shit over and over!

Thursday, April 19, 2007 2:26:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, we would all not have to hear this shit over and over. $17,000 and you can't even get your legal file, lawyers can screw you blue and not do shit in Connecticut! Fuck Connecticut! Eat shit Rell, you and your Lesbian lover, M. Muffy Lisa Moody.

Thursday, April 19, 2007 2:29:00 PM  

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