Monday, April 16, 2007

Could Citizens with Legal Guns Prevent a Massacre?

Self-Portrait of a Killer: Montreal (Canada) Gunman Kimveer Gill aka Fatality666

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32 killed at Virginia Tech

Police failed on this one. They can't be everywhere to protect us. If a student or member of the faculty had a legal gun, was able to legally use it, and was willing to defend their life and that of others, this most recent tragedy could have had a death count in the single numbers and might have been prevented.

If citizens aren't allowed to defend themselves and are then critical of police not doing their jobs, things like [this] happen.

BLACKSBURG, Virginia (CNN) -- A gunman who killed at least 30 people at one of two shootings on the campus of Virginia Tech Monday was dressed "almost like a Boy Scout," said a woman who survived by pretending to lie dead on a classroom floor.

Two people were killed in a separate incident about two hours earlier around 7:15 a.m at a dormitory on the campus. University police Chief Wendell Flinchum said police were still investigating whether the two incidents are related.

At a press conference Monday afternoon, Flinchum did not rule out a separate shooter for the dormitory incident . (Watch the police chief explain where bodies were found Video)
At the time of the later shootings at Norris Hall, police were investigating a "person of interest" in the dormitory shootings, Flinchum said. But the man -- a non-student who knew one of the victims -- had not been arrested, and it is unclear if he has any link to the other gunman, he said. [more from CNN]

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Should police officers get away with paying hit men to kill citizens that lodge police misconduct complaints? [more]

Was the Anthrax Scare bogus? [more]

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Are police too busy out writing tickets, getting free coffee and donuts, fining, hitting on women, goofing off, collecting revenue, pretending to be teenagers wanting sex on the Internet, confiscating assets, cash, and property to protect and serve.

Are police about revenue collection or criminal corrections. The line is getting very blurred.


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