Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Government "vacuums" up all telephone and internet traffic

Domestic spying is now at 100%. Anything you type, view on the computer, or say over phone lines is recorded. What type of evil can be done with that information behind closed doors?

[click here] for ABC Nightline News video

[click here] for:

Is there more to the Anthrax Scare of 2001?

[click here] for a post on the Connecticut State Police "Goon Squad" which includes pictures.

[click here] for an earlier Stark Raving Viking post on Ken Krayeske and the Connecticut State Police secret "Enemies List"

From my past:
[blast 1], [blast 2], [blast 3]

Run over a police officer, he dies, and you don't get drug or alcohol tested and aren't arrested. This is only possible if you are in the Bush Co. crew. [more]


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