Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Maybe US President George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and others wake up from a nightmare of having been placed in handcuffs, after a standard arrest, being hauled off to lock up to be fingerprinted, have their mugshots taken, to face trial.

That could be the current American Dream of maybe two thirds of Americans and probably the vast majority of the outside world. Bush and Co. should not be allowed to start, yet another war based on oil, greed, and the absolute abuse of power. These criminals have lied under oath taking office, cheat, steal, and cause death, destruction, and suffering, worldwide for profit. Let's throw a wrench in their Satanic Rituals.

Bush will have to stay in office to stay out of jail.

That means bombing Iran, declaring Martial Law, and not having elections in 2008.

Allowing elections in 2008 might mean that we see a President, Vice President, and other top officials behind bars in the US for the first time in history.

Prey that the honorable men and women who fought, suffered, and died in the name of freedom on countless battlefields all over the world didn't do so for nothing. Let us see the scumbags off to jail!
-Steven G. Erickson aka blogger Vikingas

[click here] for my 9-15-01 letter to George W.

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Vice President's office will look into impeachment report

Michael Roston
Published: Wednesday April 18, 2007

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Vice President Dick Cheney's office was looking into news that Articles of Impeachment will be filed by Rep. Dennis Kucinich for crimes which have not yet been identified by the Democratic Congressman. The news appeared on a blog last night produced by the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper.

"Cheney's deputy press secretary, Megan McGinn, said she couldn't comment on Kucinich's email because she hadn't seen it," wrote Sabrina Eaton at the Plain Dealer's blog "Openers."

She added, "Asked whether Cheney had done anything he could be impeached for, McGinn replied: 'The vice president has had nearly 40 years of government service and has done so in an honorable fashion.'"

RAW STORY also contacted McGinn yesterday, and was told that the Vice President's office would look into the question.

Yesterday, the Washington Post's Mary Ann Akers at her blog 'The Sleuth' revealed Kucinich's plans to file Articles of Impeachment against Cheney.

"This week I intend to introduce Articles of Impeachment with respect to the conduct of Vice President Cheney," Kucinich, who is running for president, wrote in a "dear colleague" letter to fellow Members of Congress. Kucinich noted that the actual charges themselves were "confidential" prior to their formal introduction to the House of Representatives.

Kucinich's congressional staff refused to comment on the subject, and his campaign staff told RAW STORY that only his congressional office could answer questions on the matter.


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