Friday, April 27, 2007

Political Surveillance

If you are critical of police or the judiciary and/or propose laws to the legislature in Connecticut, a citizen can be put under surveillance.

Ken Krayeske [more], a campaign manager for Rell’s rival in the last election was placed under surveillance being on the Connecticut State Police Secret “Enemies List”.

Being placed under surveillance means arrest. Arrests in Connecticut often end up in convictions as most trials and proceeding are fixed, racist, and unfair.

Citizens are being put in prisons held as political prisoners, what are members of the Connecticut Judiciary Committee going to do to help victims of the Connecticut Courts and Connecticut State Police that were wrongly convicted and falsely imprisoned?

[Click Here] for story on the Connecticut State Police Goon Squad

[Click Here] for more on the Connecticut State Police "100 Club" where police falsely arrest citizens for DUI to belong to their special club

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