Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"Slow Kill" and "Fast Kill" of political "problems"

This "old method" of crowd control is expensive and labor intensive.

Killing and altering those in the way, has met the modern age

Plutonium 239 is very volatile when exposed to oxygen in the air. It will go through 5 changes in the air. A very minute amount ingested causes death. It is the ultimate assassin's stealth weapon. It can be used on individuals, and selected populations can be exposed.

Plutonium 239 discussed in this video.

It is now cheaper to kill populations than to govern or intern them. What do you think "frugal" authorities will choose in the future?

* * * *
The heat-ray gun mounted on a Humvee vehicle
The gun uses a large dish mounted on a Humvee vehicle

Microwave and "pulse" weapons are gaining ground. Making people forget, have false memories, or become "unmotivated" are used in military and civilian control operations. Ramping up the dosages causes death. [more]

City streets could be swept up of civilians that are microwaved, after "sizzling and popping" on sidewalks with ordinary earth moving equipment.

A method for getting rid of those leaders of the "inferior" races in the Ike era [click here]

The Engineering of Consent [video]


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