Monday, April 09, 2007

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

"I never in my whole life was affected with so much melancholy." -John Adams

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier lies within Washington Square, one of the five public parks drawn up by William Penn in his 1682 blueprint for Philadelphia. Shortly after the square was laid out, however, it was being used for a wholly other purpose — as a potter's field. Burials in Washington Square, then known as Southeast Square, started in 1706 and continued for nearly nine decades. Initially located on Philadelphia's westernmost settled area, the square proved an out-of-the-way repository for the impecunious as well as a permanent residence for deceased "strangers" — those unknown visitors to Philadelphia whose stay proved to be longer than expected. [more]

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Would Bush Co. cronies be overjoyed if they could lie us into a war with Iran? Would the windfall profits from $6 to $10/gallon gasoline be their ultimate wet dream? Gas pumps are now being installed with two digits for the dollars.
-Steven G. Erickson aka blogger Vikingas

[click here] for a youtube video of modern war scenes with the theme from M.A.S.H., "Suicide is painless" playing in the background.

I was paying about $2000/month out of my own pockets to pay for the lodging and living expense of prostitutes Vicky Tamaro (Tomaro?), Lana Thompson, and Robin Pelc. I was not having sex with them, and the police were doing nothing. So I wrote Bush [this letter]

Police will pay $10,000 to informants to kill, discredit, set up, and assault those that make police misconduct complaints in Connecticut. I was labeled a "Big Mouth" [more]

[click here] for a post on the Connecticut State Police "Goon Squad" which includes pictures.

[click here] for an earlier Stark Raving Viking post on Ken Krayeske and the Connecticut State Police secret "Enemies List"

From my past:
[blast 1], [blast 2], [blast 3]

Run over a police officer, he dies, and you don't get drug or alcohol tested and aren't arrested. This is only possible if you are in the Bush Co. crew. [more]

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