Sunday, May 20, 2007

In comment section of The Get Justice Coalition blog:

Unbelievable But True:

How the Connecticut State Police Covered Up Illegal Surveillance By Former Police Officers and What Happened to Us When We Reported It

Plus CT Supreme Court Insanity: Indian Tribes have more legal rights than US citizens

Imagine retired State Police officers watching your house and your business and going through your trash just because they felt like it.

This has been happening for years in Connecticut and even New York and we have the information to prove it.

The Connecticut State Police, Attorney General’s office and the current Chief State’s Attorney have covered it up and the media wants nothing to do with the story because of a possible loss of advertising dollars.

Here is the true story:
[click here] scroll down to first comment

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[click here] for F the Connecticut State Police

[click here] for "Police had a list of citizens to execute"


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