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Operation Paper Paper Clip

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Plum Island, a Bio-weapons research facility, lies between coastal Connecticut and Long Island Sound.

African ticks and Nazi doctors ended up on Plum Island. The rest is sick clandestine history.

There are rumors that Yale University and Pharmaceutical companies are engaged in finding biological agents that kill based on one's genetic markers. Lyme Disease is not curable. The "Disease" morphs and has different stages and is not detectable in every stage and is often misdiagnosed. Lyme Disease is a stealth disabler. [more]

Lyme Activists are often targets of Connecticut authorities, worldwide, as they hunt down those "in the know", to label them crazy, falsely arrest them, and place them in mental hospitals.

Lisa Masterson's computer was allegedly hacked into by Connecticut's Department of Administrative Services. Masterson's doors were then kicked in by authorities in the London area of the UK, her kids taken away, and she was hauled off to a mental hospital.

Kathleen M. Dickson was listed as an expert witness at FDA hearings exposing fraud in testing and treatment of Lyme Disease with alleged corporate fraud, racketeering, and obstruction of justice having to do with Yale University, Glaxo Smith Kline, Baxter Pharmaceuticals, and others. Kathleen M. Dickson had come to some of the same conclusions as Masterson, prior. Dickson was then hauled off to a mental institution and her kids taken away. Dickson and others are fleeing the US to avoid retaliation of authorities for having exposed the truth.

Blog page
on Lisa Masterson:

People with Lyme: Lyme Researcher Lisa Masterson arrested

Lyme In The WorldLymeBlog News
Lexington, KY USA
By LymeBlog News Staff
May 16, 2006 9:23 PM

According to our sources in the UK, on Monday 8th May at 9.00am, Lisa Masterson, a contoversial Lyme disease advocate in the UK and organiser of the January 2006 demonstration at the Gresham College (UK) Gulf War Syndrome lecture by Prof Simon Wessely, has been arrested.

In January this year, Lisa had organised a protest at a lecture given by the psychiatrist Simon Wessely (See related news articles below). He is the main leader of a group of psychiatrists who have persisitently said that Gulf War Syndrome, and Chronic fatigue syndrome, are all due to stress and not real illnesses.

Ms. Masterson was "sectioned" under section 2 of the Mental Health Acts. Two witnesses say that 3 uniformed police officers, 2 psychiatrists and 2 social workers took her away. Despite several requests from Masterson, they would not allow her to phone a solicitor (lawyer) or anyone else.

She is being held in a locked ward at the Central Middlesex Hospital. Solicitors were eventually able to visit her on Tuesday afternoon. A close family friend confirms that they have now ordered her confinement stating that she is mentally ill and suffering from paranoia, due to her belief that her computer has been hacked by
various agents including the US military.

The psychiatrists refused to look at printed firewall logs and also refused to look at any of the evidence online, including threatening messages from many months ago and recent threats to her children.

Conditions at the Pond Ward are described as dirty, noisy, and dangerous, with mixed male and female patients, many of whom are violent. Drug therapy is often enforced on the patients in this ward.

Sources who know Masterson say that they believe that she is not insane, nor depressed, nor dangerous. She, simply, has been too outspoken and that outspokenness comes from her determination to see justice and truth.

The address of the ward is as follows, any messages of support would be greatly appreciated and would demonstrate that Lisa Masterson is not alone.

Lisa Masterson
Park Royal Centre for Mental health
Pond Ward
Central Middlesex Hospital
Acton Lane
NW10 4NS

Lisa Masterson
Park Royal Centre for Mental health
Pond Ward
Central Middlesex Hospital
Acton Lane
NW10 4NS

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Articles by Lisa Masterson:

UK Indymedia | Lyme Disease Cover-up

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May 21, 2010, update to this post:

The below added December 17, 2013:

Children used pre and post 1975 to test weaponized Lyme Disease?

Text with below video:

This information, as far as I know, is not available in any other video. Randy Sykes has been trying to get celebrities to help expose what he knows, but when they see actual government documents they get scared.

Steven G. Erickson interviews Randy Sykes on the subject of the weaponized bio-hazard, Lyme Disease. Documents in our possession seem to indicate that children and adults are and have been used as lab rats pre and post 1975. Lyme Disease is a military bio-weapon. [Plum Island is a bio-warefare testing facility] and was the subject of a Jesse Ventura TruTv Conspiracy Theory episode. Randy appeared on that episode, check out the full episode. [link to youtube video].

Excerpt from my Oct. 2007 interview of Randy Sykes [link to youtube video].

Some of the documents from the NIH, Yale University, Department of Health, medical publications, FDA and/or other sources would be so disturbing to the general public that not even Jesse Ventura was allowed to air them. Randy talks about them in this video. If you want what I have, my email is found [on my blog here]. [More SEIU retaliation found here]

This blogger's email stevengerickson AT


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, Viking for being a leader and truth teller.

Thousands of us need to keep working to expose these lies about lack of persistent infection-- and get more money for treatment research.
Tell everyone you know what is happening. Expose the money trail leading to HUGE biowar contracts received by Lyme researchers studying Tularemia, Q Fever and Brucellosis-- all INTRACELLULAR bioweapons that require lengthy antibiotic treatment--like Lyme!! Talk about the long scientific evidence for persistent spirochete infection. STOP THE LIES NOW!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007 1:52:00 PM  

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