Monday, May 21, 2007

Police Goons, Informants, and Lackeys

"Informants" are the tool of choice of police for revenue collection, asset, property, and cash confiscation. They are also tools in police retaliation. Investigating how police interact with informants could lead to mass prosecutions of police and members of the judiciary in Connecticut.

Police reports and files can be lost, or re-created and backdated.

Names of dead veterans can be used for informants to hide their true identities and the paper trail to police misconduct in Connecticut.

Are the police involved in identity theft and fraud?

Police informants using stolen identities is a problem for police.

Files have to be lost and then recreated to fix the paper trail.

Police complicity in crimes is covered up by deleting mentions of crimes committed by their informants.

Police pay informants. Is this money used in the public's best interest or to hide official crimes and for retaliation?

Tracking the money, drugs and cash seized, will help end the Connecticut State Police free for all.

Why would a retired Connecticut State Police officer have hundreds of thousands of dollars in unexplained cash thrown away gambling, and then kill his wife, wound her lawyer at the courthouse, and then take his own life? Was he taking one for the crew, to keep the truth from getting out on the scams and profiteering of the Connecticut State Police?

Judges will tell defense lawyers to not defend clients that might expose the scams and crimes of the Connecticut State Police and Connecticut Judiciary. Defense lawyers that break ranks with each other, police, and the judiciary, are severely toasted. Official Obstruction of Justice and Retaliation goes on everyday in every court room, back of squad cars, and in interrogation rooms all over Connecticut and probably too many other states.

Silence signifies acceptance.
-Steven G. Erickson aka blogger Vikingas, email:

Pics and stories on the Secret State Police operatives [click here]

My picture, story, and letter to George W. Bush [click here]

Corporate fraud by the numbers, the YouTube video [click here]

Police sent a felon on probation to kill a citizen who made a police misconduct complaint. The felon that stabbed three people, was not violated on probation, for almost killing 3 people. The victim, stabbed 13 times, was arrested after he woke up in the hospital. Try and tell me judges are not complicit in covering up gross police, judicial, and prosecutorial misconduct in Connecticut. [click here]


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