Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The price of ignoring

How can you save the world, if most times you cannot save yourself?

I have called myself a political activist. It is a title that I both take pride in, and dread.

Anyone with a story, can be called crazy just for telling it.

I haven't gotten paid for helping people.

I have helped those with more means and not been compensated for making great strides for them.

There is human nature, and most people are selfish, and about themselves. It they were not, we would have died out as a species.

I have sent out 'copy in the world' emails. These emails, however are a red flag in most cases. Mine have mainly gone out to legislators on committees. Contacting public servants, elected to serve the public, shouldn't claim harassment for getting emails on issues and about proposed legislation. This blog post is not about a friend of mine with the initials K.D.

I have recently have been working taking care of my personal needs, working. I have had time for little else.

Someone, feeling ignored, that is possibly a little mentally imbalanced has gone off the deep end and just might be a useful tool for the officially corrupt.

100% of those that I know of that have made police misconduct complaints in Connecticut were arrested and faced prison. or served times as political prisoners.

I have been adamant in wanting police officers that have committed perjury and other crimes be brought to justice.

Question authority for a better America,

-Steven G. Erickson aka blogger Vikingas

P.S. Ritt Goldstein may have held the same believes I do, and then contacted Connecticut legislators looking to make life better for those in his community, in Connecticut, and in America. He was so terrorized by Connecticut Police, he fled to Sweden requesting political asylum. His testimony in front of the Connecticut legislature with the aid of internationally known experts on police policies and victims of police misconduct. His video that is high in content, low in quality in conversion, on YouTube [click here]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah SRV-

We ignore but still remember how a certain local CT man raped a woman w/ a local-buddy cop, and then went on to be a police commissioner. Next he ran for higher public office.

He wasn't convicted... he was acquitted like OJ.

His best defense was shop-a-judge.

Friday, May 04, 2007 4:05:00 PM  

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