Sunday, June 17, 2007

Former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland

Rowland, was he just the former head on an infection, just the top "scab"?

Or, are all 3 branches of Connecticut Government, the courts, and police all the same sleazy corrupt, uninterrupted? [click here for more]

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I wrote a letter to former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland meant to arrive for the first day of his federal prison sentence for corrupt. I tell him to go F himself. Text of letter, [click here]

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Connecticut's "Official" treatment of women

... You sleep in a plastic box on the floor, and there is absolutely
nothing in the room. It's of course, freezing and there is a wind blowing
constantly, in all the cells, not just "the suicide watch."

By the time you get out of there, you swear you will not fail your next suicide

No, I was never in there, I just saw it all the time. It is true torture.

These women are kept like animals. You are allowed no underwear, and the ladies
tell me they have to just hold that pad between their legs 24/7 during that time
of the month.

If you happen to walk past their cells (like, totally wrapped in chains, and I
mean totally- your hands are chained to your waste, you are in leg irons, and
the chain is wrapped around your body- you can't even scratch your nose, and you
sit like this on the "bus" being carted to just about every courtroom in the
State, loading and unloading several times a day, and "court runs" start at 5

If you walk past their suicide watch cells, they are often on the floor,
grovelling like animals. [click here for more]

Children are also stripped naked and put on "Suicide Watch", in DCF facilities. How sick is this, psychological and sexual torture of women and children?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

More needs to be posted on Ellington Connecticut area Attorney Michael H. Agranoff and his specializing in DCF cases.

Since most cases are secret and sealed, having Agranoff as your lawyer means he doesn't get caught for not doing a thing, except padding his bill and giving excuses.

Keeping your kids safe means not hiring a hack like Agranoff to represent you and your kids.

Sign me, one who knows.

Sunday, June 17, 2007 11:11:00 PM  

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