Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Police retaliation for spurned love

Police in Connecticut made sure I went to prison for fixing houses like the above properties while in possession of a "Big Mouth", but did little to make life easier for those that lived in downtown Connecticut.

What if a police officer could threaten you with arrest and imprisonment if you did not continue a romantic relationship with him or her? What if police could arrest you, making sure you lost your family, home, and everything you have ever worked for because you refused to carry on a romantic relationship?

[click here] for my open letter mailed to Connecticut State Police Commissioner John A. Danaher III

If you lodge complaints against police or members of the judiciary, you'll have DCF down your back, end up arrested, have your kids taken away, discredited, harassed, and/or end up in prison or facing prison.

* * * *

The Connecticut State Police secret "Enemies List". You can end up falsely arrested and in prison for political reasons. The Kenneth Krayeske story [click here]

* * * *

Connecticut Police Officers can pay $10,000 to have you murdered, and the officers aren't prosecuted. [click here for more]

Click Here for my complaint to the Washington DC FBI

Click Here for

What are the Social Costs of Domestic Spying?

Click Here for

Legislative Constitutional Armageddon

Click Here for

The ‘100 Club’ for making DUI arrests

Click Here for Steven G. Erickson videos on

[click here] for the tip off back in 1997 that showed the whole state of Connecticut was polluted with Rowland style corrupt. Text of a Hartford Advocate past piece.


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