Thursday, June 28, 2007

War on Skateboarders

go skateboarding day: cop v.s. skaters

Do you want your kids beaten up and arrested for Skateboarding?
Skateboarders have their own video of what goes on between cops and kids out skateboarding. These kids are out recreating, getting exercise, and while skateboarding aren't destroying property, doing drugs, drinking, having unprotected sex, or just vegetating on the couch watching television eating fast food, cheese doodles, and cookies. We need to review how youths are treated by police and in the courts.

Text with video: Cop flips on kids for skating downtown in Hot Springs Arkansas. Jarad Graham, Drew Irwin, Skylar Nalls, Matt McCormack, Robbie Brindley, & Casey Canterbury get arrested.

I proposed laws to elected officials to address youth issues in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, such as police being able to write youth detentions for such offenses as skateboarding on sidewalks or for rude behavior. The detentions could be served in schools year round. It could work like an insurance point system, to fairly identify youths that actually do need intervention, treatment, and/or being confined for a short or longer period of time in a reform school.

I was then threatened and followed around by town and state police officers.

I became a target of police for having dared "suggest" that police doing anything besides whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. Skateboarders and other active, out in the community, children and teens are our nation's future, we should foster faith in government, the courts, and with the police in how this future generation that is eventually in charge, is treated.

America shouldn't be a Police State. That is how many Americans, young and old, now see it. Where we are heading, if not curbed, will mean an America that is permanently repressive and nothing like what our forefathers ever intended. Countless men and women have fought all over the world, in wars, battlefields, and in conflicts, suffered and died in the name of freedom. Let us not let their fight have been for nothing.

I wanted youths to have a positive interaction with police, curb their drug and alcohol abuse potential, and see that they did not end up dead, in prison, as addicts, and/or as lifetime common criminal parasites. For this a bounty of $10,000 for me for police operatives and informants to make me lose my home, family, rental properties, business, and the sum total of my life's work in retaliation for my exercising Free Speech rights and going to elected officials to affect positive change.

Arresting, confining, running citizen through courts, taking kids away, processing, abusing, and finding excuses to fine and confiscated property all produce revenue and Federal tax dollars into cash strapped states.

Wanting people to get along and for kids to go good all affect the bottom line of police, the courts, and of a state.

The Police Operative send to do me in for $10,000 decided she wanted me to marry and live with her, so she left her husband and confessed. She told me she could then protect me from the Connecticut State Police, or use the State Police to do me in if I did not continue to date her. I broke up with her and the Connecticut State Police redoubled their all out efforts to do me in, story [click here]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time to eat crow, eh? I'm PERSONALLY encouraging the officer to sue you and a host of other sites for slander for saying he "choked", "attacked" and brutalized someone now that an official inquiry has WITHOUT A DOUBT determined otherwise. The comments that you have made and permitted to be posted by others are slanderous, damaging and blatantly false. It may interest you to know that the Supreme Court has ruled that a wesite host bears SOLE LIABILITY AND RESPONSIBILITY for damages related to what they say and what they "allow others" to post about someone. Now that he's been cleared of wrongdoing my prediction is that he'll be a very wealthy man soon because of people like you who injured his professional reputation. Serves you right for being such a judgemental, uninformed idiot and sticking your neck out over something you know nothing about. Sites like yours are what civil liability lawyer's dream about!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007 8:42:00 PM  

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