Thursday, July 19, 2007

"The Federalist Papers", by Mary E. Webster

[click here] for more information on the "readable" version of the Federalist Papers. [where to buy]

I talked with an advocate to bring back checks and balances to the US. He is in Florida and was a target of police, lawyers, and members of the judiciary for his stance on an important issue. More than 50% of elected officials were or are lawyers. They legislate money in their pockets for themselves and each other. They legislate immunity for themselves, the judiciary, and for police. Lawyers can get DUIs, rape clients, steal from clients, and worse and get away with it. Police know that having a lawyer owe them a favor is a good thing, and vice versa.

He talked about the solution being for more of America reading and understanding what is in the Federalist Papers and reading the book, “The Underground Lawyer”.

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