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The Spooks among Us

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Are You Sure?

June 14th, 2007

If there are a half-million legitimate terrorists suspects in the country then maybe we should take a hard look at their cause: If there are that many, maybe they’re on to something.

Much more likely, there are not at all 509,000 legitimate terror suspects here. More likely, it is your government at its maniacal work. The reason that conservatives and liberals alike fear Big Government and Big Police State Activities is that it runs entirely on its own – and runs amok.

ABC News reports and no one denies that the central government has some 509,000 people on its lists of terrorist suspects and that the list is growing growing growing. Imagining that even the best law enforcement agencies would miss quite a few, the suggestion is that there are millions of terror people here.

Or, far more to the point, that the FBI and federal snoopers are over-reaching once more. And the reports that the FBI is overreaching even its horizon-to-horizon power to watch how we sleep at night are terrifying aplenty. It is a sad business when the presumption, nearly automatic, is that the government is doing the wrong thing. But when you get lists after lists including just about everyone the government doesn’t like why would you assume differently?

The fact that the lists are full of errors and duplications doesn’t minimize the lists but makes them all the more suspicious. The further fact that critics of policy are lumped in with bombers and assassins make the whole game a menace.

Are you on the list?


Are you sure?

Why would you be?

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Quack, Quack

June 13th, 2007

As Oliver Hardy would say and America can say, too: “Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into.”

It’s not a new thing that a president becomes a lame duck but President Bush especially has caused his lameness on his own – and we get to pay the price.

Although it probably is a very good thing that the Bush-Cheney administration, with their lapdog Joe Lieberman and the sadsack John McCain alone yipping and yapping ineffectively for crumbs, have so ruined their capacity to get anything done. If they weren’t in such a nice mess who knows what new depredations they’d inflict on the world? We’d be invading Iran by now; there wouldn’t be a shred of the Constitution or American liberties left; the central government and its churchy agenda-setters would be sitting in our living rooms even more than its spies and busybodies are already.

But because they have blown it, they are powerless to get such as that done. Good.

Less good is the truth that we actually need a president who can act and the Bush failure is costing us. Except for the totally blind loyalists, who would believe Bush & Co. when they come to demand more sacrifice for their addled goals – even if the cause was, like stopped clocks, rarely right and accurate?

They have squandered all their capital and the country’s too. They have lost the right to be believed or trusted. Accordingly if Iran in fact needs attention they are beyond belief when it comes to us following them. If North Korea of the Sudan or Timbuktu presents a problem, you simply cannot imagine that this administration would do the right thing – or be able to act if the right idea somehow magically occurred within their poisonous councils.

The country can’t deal with pressing immigration issues, or social, economic or governance matters because this administration has failed so totally that it couldn’t lead the government out of a burning building. No one would follow. No one.

Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into, America says. Quack, quack, Bush says back.


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