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Hartford, Connecticut's Memorial to Terrorists

February 12, 2010, update to this post found here:

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Paramilitary organisation Provisional IRA
Date of birth March 9, 1954
Place of birth Abbots Cross, Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland
Hungerstrike started March 1, 1981
Died May 5, 1981 (aged 27)
Days on strike 66

Names on Memorial: Bobby Sands (Roibeard Gearóid Ó Seachnasaigh), Michael Gaughan, Frank Stagg, Mickey Devine, Thomas McElwee, Kieran Doherty, Kevin Lynch, Martin Hurson, Joseph "Joe" McDonnell, Patsy O'Hara (Pádraig or Peatsaí Ó hEadhra), Raymond McCreesh, Francis Hughes

Paramilitary organisation Provisional Irish Republican Army
Date of birth 4 October 1942
Place of birth Hollymount, near Ballinrobe, County Mayo, Republic of Ireland
Hungerstrike started 14 December 1975
Died 12 February 1976
Days on strike 62

Aren't these all IRA Terrorists involved in bombings and killings? Why is there an official memorial, with a street or square, named after a terrorist in Connecticut? Is the celebration of terrorists in Connecticut, "White Only"?

What if there was a terrorist memorial to the Puerto Rican nationalists that crashed the gates at the the White House or the hijackers of the planes that hit the twin towers?

I assume not, there aren't White and are not associated with a special club or Mafia.

The Irish had the original organized crime syndicates in the US and Connecticut.

Because of the network of trains, cities in Connecticut were Mafia central and still are.

Connecticut is centrally located in New England. Boston, Springfield, New York City, New Jersey crews, all can meet up in Connecticut.

The Bell Haven section of Greenwich, Connecticut, had so much Irish old money and power it was called little McGreenwich.

The Jewish and Italian Mafias were not far behind in Connecticut.

The power and influence is more than present. There is a stranglehold on small business, corporate activity, home ownership, the courts, the legislature, and especially the network of police in Connecticut. Everything from legitimate business to banking, home loans, prostitution, drug dealing, fencing stolen goods, White Sex Slavery, etc is still business as usual.

The statue of Christopher Columbus in Hartford was far away from the statue of Lafayette. Italians of "influence" didn't want Columbus facing Lafayette's horse's ass, so the Columbus Statue was turned in a different direction.

There is a Civil War statue of a Hartford hero that has been allowed to go into disrepair. It took a single citizen to keep it from crumbling.

The Tannenbaum family is allegedly still operating Hartford strip clubs where gambling, prostitution, loan sharking, sports betting, drug dealing, and the bribes to police, prosecutors, and judges are allegedly paid in favors, girls for private parties, and cash. The Tannenbaum family allegedly owned the building where Lark's Cafe in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, used to be. There was gambling, drug dealing, and prostitutes working out of that bar. Rich, allegedly of the Jewish Mob and former Israeli Moussad, had his alleged former FBI wife take out the liquor permit on the bar. [click here] for a post on "Rich the Fixer".

Traveling North on I-91 in Connecticut around exit 25-26 near Wethersfield, a bridge is named for Neil R. Esposito.

Esposito was a former John G. Rowland cohort that allegedly financed Rowland's criminal syndicate also helping funnel contracts to organized crime figures. Neil R. Esposito was allegedly drunk driving while getting oral sex from a 28 year old former model when he crashed the car, killing himself. Police determined that Neil was driving and the ex-model spent 3 months in a coma.

How did police know oral sex was being performed, was the corpse left with a stub with some of it missing?

The Esposito heirs worried that Neil's victim might rightly receive pain and suffering compensation from his estate. Colonel Lynch of the Connecticut State Police stepped in to switch the official police report to say the ex-model was driving, to have her charged with manslaughter, so she would be wrongly imprisoned, and the Neil's cash would stay in the family of power and influence.

Lynch has yet to be arrested and prosecuted, what does that say about the ethics of the Connecticut State Police?

ex-model, Heather Specyalski

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Maydelle Trambarulo's family has spent the last three years fighting to free the elderly New Jersey woman from Connecticut. [click here for more]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you notice the surveillance camera if you enlarge the first photo. Is Steven G. Erickson caught on police video taking pictures of the memorial? Will the Esposito family retaliate for the exposing of the blowjob bridge?

Saturday, August 04, 2007 9:29:00 AM  
Blogger chris06 said...

America is a great country. We even tolerate douche-bags like you. God Bless Her.

Saturday, July 12, 2008 1:18:00 AM  
Anonymous soldier 4 freedom1981 said...

bobby sands was not a terrorist you thick cunt. ill be making my way to the memorial on may 5th to fly a proper tricolor

Tuesday, December 02, 2008 3:37:00 PM  

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