Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Iron Curtain of Belgium?

A conversation I recently had somehow turned to Belgium.

The basic subject of the conversation was how Homeland Security is changing nations all over the world.

I was told that anyone driving anywhere from home, or even back to there home, has to keep a parking log on their windshield, with the addressed and dates of where they park and where they leave. They have to account 100% of their time of where they are with a car. If the log is not kept the driver of the car is subject to arrest.

Belgium might just be a stalker's paradise for stalkers with and without badges.

[click here] for the Belgium Embassy webpage

I emailed:

subject: Question for those traveling Belgium

To whom it may concern at the Belgium Embassy:
Is it true those driving cars in Belgium have to keep logs of where they park and for how long or they are subject to arrest as part of Belgium's Homeland Security Program.

Do you think this might make citizens in other countries think that Belgium is a repressive regime?

My email is: and I am posting this open letter to you at:

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