Sunday, August 05, 2007

Telling a former Police Commissioner what I think of him

Former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada

[click here] for my comment in the Hartford Courant forum, commenting on a piece on GPS at home arrest bracelets written by Spada.

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[click here] for a post on the Connecticut State Police "Enemies List" which targets citizens for false arrests and prison.

[click here] for pictures and information on a Connecticut Police State. Police Misconduct in Connecticut is across the board.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

All those that know Arty Spada from the old days and lived around the Old Saybrook area might remember a punk of short stature.

Mario Puzo's Godfather book and the movie came out and Arty was a gangster wannabe. He sought out and made friends with mob types as an attorney.

There was favors and retaliation. Alliances remained tight. Little Napoleon now with his hair plugs still likes the two tone shoes and the whole Gatti thing.

As Judge, Spada alligned with Rowland to rid Connecticut of as many of the undesirables as possible with governor directive 2.

They wanted Connecticut as rich and White as was possible.

Arty then became State Police Commissioner. The police were then run like an organized crime family.

Women were put out of important meetings and anyone that didn't bow to Arty was demoted or fired.

Arty's GPS idea for paroled felons might be a good idea. Lawyers that steal from their clients and officials like Arty after they are punished could have their locations known at all times. When there are a bunch of rat dots all in one place the location of their meeting room can be found.

Spada was the reason Rowland felt invincible. Spada was a judge and a police commissioner and even though he has committed more serious crimes for a longer period, he is immune from prosecution.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007 7:05:00 PM  

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