Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Worst Attorney?

Ellington, Stafford area Connecticut Attorney Michael H. Agranoff [website]

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Agranoff's lavish office, something he doesn't warrant given his lawyering.

Agranoff's expensive car, probably paid for by Agranoff's billing practices. He bills for as many hours as possible and does as little as possible. He is marketing himself as the DCF specialist lawyer.

It is beyond measure what kind of damage he could do with his botching court cases harming families and children just to line his pockets, not serve clients.

I turned in Agranoff to the Connecticut Attorney General and to the Statewide Grievance panel of lawyers that discipling lawyers. No surprise, lawyers don't discipline other lawyers unless the attorney is on video molesting someone's grandmother in a wheelchair taking money out of her purse, or if a lawyer breaks ranks with other lawyers, police, prosecutors, and judges to actually serve their clients, that lawyer is disbarred, arrested, discredited, and facing prison.

[click here] for documents from the case where Agranoff was my lawyer.

[click here] for my complaint about Michael H. Agranoff to Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal turning in Agranoff for Attorney Misconduct.

Agranoff has my address if he needs to contact me about any issues he has with my posts on him. He has yet to supply me with my legal file as required by law.

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Anonymous Agranoff is worse than DCF said...

Agranoff is a fucking pussy. He lies, takes your money, and does nothing. He is a total fucking whore thief!

Thursday, April 17, 2008 2:10:00 AM  

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