Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Are U.S. Courts still racist, but now just a little more slick about it?

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The ACLU digs into the Connecticut State Police as a spy organization [click here]

Are the Connecticut State Police acting out on unofficial Jim Crow? [more]

If you are a Black Man and a White Woman that you have a restraining order on in Connecticut, breaks into your house while on probation and slams an iron into your face and commits felony assault, should she not be violated on probation and should the Black Male be sentenced to a year in prison for being the victim? [Connecticut's dirty little secrets]

[click here] for my letter to the Washington DC FBI. Should Connecticut be shut down and taken over by the Federal Authorities, until the courts, legislators, governor, judges, prosecutors, DCF, DOC, DMR, and other officials act lawfully and honor the US Constitution in Connecticut?

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Racist Comments from the Bench?

Enfield Connecticut Judge Howard Scheinblum

Scheinblum is known to rent out courthouses for retirement parties for lawyers, judges, and prosecutors. It sounds like they have a little club not for serving you, but for fleecing and abusing you. Sceinblum is known to allegedly make racist comments from the bench and to use a violin in his chambers. If he played a bad note, a harsh sentence was imposed. A nice not, a lenient sentence. Was Howard Schienblums violin resposible for 3 murders in Cheshire, Connecticut, in a home invasion because Scheinblum played a good note with his violin? [Hartford Courant Cheshire Connecticut story on murders]

I was stalked and harassed by Rell's Connecticut State Police Capitol Guards for wanting to testify against Schienblum at [this hearing]

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[list] of pictures and names of Connecticut's dirty little secrets

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[click here] for:

The Continuing Saga of the Rogues in the Connecticut State Police

Connecticut, A Police State


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