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The Less than Honorable Chief Justice William J. Sullivan?

My open letter to him [click here]. I question Sullivan outside a Judiciary Hearing room after taking [this video] asking Sullivan that if I notified him of possible felonies committed by Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan and if he did not turn Kaplan into the proper investigating authorities, wasn't he, Justice Sullivan, guilty of felonies.

The New Connecticut Supreme Court Justice, Chase T. Rogers
I personally handed chase the [text of this letter], shaking her hand and talking to her. If she didn't pass the information on to the proper investigating authorities after telling me that she read the letter, is she also guilty of obstruction of justice and felonies?

Former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle

[click here] for my letter to the former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle. Should Boyle be arrested and charged with felonies if he helped cover up police misconduct and did not forward my complaints for investigation by the proper authorities?

Is the Connecticut State Police organization merely a spy ring? [more]

Current Connecticut State Police Commissioner John A. Danaher III
[click here] for my letter to the Connecticut State Police Commissioner John A. Danaher III. Should Danaher be arrested and charged with felonies if he helped cover up police misconduct and did not forward my complaints for investigation by the proper authorities?

Former Rockville Connecticut Judge and former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada
[click here] I ask Spada if he ran or frequented a whore house as judge and former Connecticut State Police Commissioner and more. Should Spada be arrested for the felonies he allegedly committed even though he retired after being fired by Governor M. Jodi Rell?

Are there unnamed factions in the US, similar to the KKK? [more]

Former Chief States Attorney Christopher Morano [from post]

A Pattern of Deceit?

Excerpt: A veteran state criminal inspector who successfully sued former Chief State’s Attorney John M. Bailey for violating his free speech rights filed a new lawsuit Tuesday, contending that Chief State’s Attorney Christopher Morano has engaged in a yearlong campaign of retaliation against him. [post]

[click here] for my letter to Bush Oct. 15, 2001, in which I received an answer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"anna smith"

I have tried to email you I was supposed to go to court was sick rely
on public transportation every two hours 8 10 12. ect if you are sick
and have to leave the bus the next one is 12 judge only has court from
9 to 12 30 or 1. wonder what he gets paid to make decision about
someones life he knows nothing about and adversial attorney and ex
lie. so I am in some trouble I tried to call they asked why I wasn't
there said I was sick. hoosegow(sp). someone got in my e mail had to
close all, open a new one.know what they did to you, in some ways
similar to me in court a lot was illegal you never recover from an
injustice the consequences last a life time and are forever
damaging.Judge T. Parker now a referee, was trial judge who made the
judgement no child support for daughter 15 years old, 1993 tried to
appeal disabled with no money 848.00 a month Exs law firm had a judge
in it Martin who just happened to be nominated the same time as Parker
I know they violated my civil rights more than once.have tried to get
in touch with J.D. jr. and Chris Kennedy to no avail. I went through a
lot of what other people go through in court they disrespected my
person as well. I have had the same problems as you lived in my car,
had my car stolen no help from the police. lived in a tent, homeless.
no I am not a drug addict,alcoholic. mentally ill or retarded. I
refuse to live in a shelter with the people that go in those shelters
they are drunk, high and the mentally ill are left uncared for which
often leads to problems there are fights, thefts and gang beatings no
thanks.I hope you write email back. perhaps I would be better off if I
were in one of the afore mentioned situations I would get medicial,
housing voucher, heat assistance,$600.00 cash( for just existing) food
stamps and education paid for, transportation free plus job
assistance. After child support I have about $600.00 with out all of
those nice things.I have no cell The divorce was crooked my Ex went to
live with Loew theater and hotel heiress Janet Loew(Loew-Loewn) and
her husband T. Nieman. I am not on state aid, ssi or social security
but I am disabled the federal judge ruled that. The EXs lawyer stood
in court and told the judge that I was working which in fact I was not
totally disabled at the time but I made a partial come back. Legal
abuse in the courts of CT. is rampant. I have refused to pay child
support,( although I always gave the children money and bought them
toys and clothes, entertainment or other items that they would ask
for) all this time because he refused to let me see my children they
would often slip away to see me. The divorce was a done deal long
before the papers were ever served, because of the influence of Janet
Loew. The damage that had been done to my family is irreparable. The
oldest girl at the time left at 15,to stay with friends and me,the boy
also left at stay with friends the youngest ,I insisted that he
stay with his father because of health problems.Every summer Ex would
send the youngest to live with his aunt in Fla. since he was 10 years
until 17,he lived with
her for two years from 17 to 19, I never got to see him.His aunt
claimed him on income taxes.I know that for a fact in 2002,-2003- 2004
Judge LipShitz when I finally appeared in court arranged with my
Lawyer McCabe to put me in jail without a trial I told him I was
homeless, the first time I find someone to share rent $400.00 and I am
served ,I go to court, McCabe does not advise me about going to jail
asks me to sign a payment agreement which was supposed to be $50.00 an
hour per the agreement of American legal charged much more( more that
what he was worth), two times he was in court and charged me time
waiting for the judge to hear the case both times he did not advise or
my rights, and I did not know that Mc Cabe worked for the state or I
would have never hired him Milford, CT. McCabe had me fill out a
financial affidavit and he recopied the affidavit and did not put that
I was permanently disabled, Workman's comp. was what he put on the
affidavit, reduced $10.00 off the child support, would not mention
that I was homeless, and did not advise me that I would have to go to
jail? contempt McCabe we argued and I dismissed him the last of may
1st week in June believe, he did not remove himself off the case until
August something. I know that I have to file a grievance, I will but
if I am in jail they would keep me in solitary confinement I was
treated worse than a criminal, no church service no exercise not being
able to go to the whatever you call,where you might be able to items
to buy like a store,My friend died in an auto accident, she was so
upset that the judge ordered me to go to jail when he knew that I was
homeless and had no money $1,000.00 purge if l cannot afford rent how
does he expect me to pay that kind of money? never mind be able to
save ? I too believe that the state of CT. runs on drug money legal
and illegal, oh, about jail when I asked for a priest or a minster I
was refused, I was also fingerprinted and mugshot like a criminal and
body searched. I am not wanting to go to york there have been two
deaths they say suicide and medical reasons don't believe them. also
they said I tested positive for drugs because they wiped my hands with
a wipe, well when I went to court there were people who had been
smoking a? outside and if they have any on their hands then what ever
kind of drug they use is transferred to your hands by what they touch
no to mention that a lot of drug people are taken and transported to
courts and jails. I have never used a drug in my life, I don't drink
or smoke or use drugs they are not necessary to life, the state of Ct
now has me listed as a drug user#$% ! I tried the civil liberties two
times and they never replied back There similar cases to parts of my
divorce trial one was the woman whose son committed suicide,scruggs
except that I am not a drug addict. Sweat Georgia child support
guideline void,and sazama.except that his is an alcoholic and owes
$66,000 while I am not an alcoholic and have been penalized $33,00.
There was a black guy who was in jail for a crime and owes over
$33,000 when I went to court and he was not put in jail, someone said
he was a drug dealer that is why he got better treatment(legal income
for the state and illegal).Sazama South Dakota please see if you can
get to c.Kennedy and J.Dibiase, they may not be interested because all
I am is a woman. I will try to send you some papers I am a tech no.
try to sent them they will be from an organization, I have no idea who
got into my email they may have sent you some
which I did not do. this is my new account nojusticanna@gmail almost
four years ago ex sold house he was by court order to give me a lousy
$15,000 he never did. he asked me to sign some papers one morning as I
was on my way to work I trusted him and I signed.the gold stocks
disappeared, so did Carlyle stocks the
one like Bush the house and land was worth if he claims he sold it a
few months
ago $300,000 and something not to mention what he frauded me out of
most of
the lawyers I hired were partners of judges in law firms
suisman.shipro,wool brennen and gray(brennan supreme court justice)(l
patrick gray f.b.i)then Bishop was confirmed a judge after he took my
case and my money switched me to mairan gardner frumm who did nothing
switched me to dado corsic(whose father
was arrested for illegal prescriptions). left the firm went to washton
who was a past
judge(andy t cool justice noted him) didn't know until Sutera got in
trouble for wire fraud and went to federal prison for wire fraud. he
took care of Sutera and left me
hanging Susan Connolly was useless and so was Micheal Hasse my money
expended. Barbra St.Claire was the GAL and the family whatever was
there were letters in the day paper about how she made false statements
in her
reports, A men's organization. Ex ran me over with his truck, told
the police, they ended up saying it was my fault, collected insurance
he ran me over in the drive way, they paid. there was a car that he
was ordered to give me it was supposed to be in good running condition
6 weeks later an accident.almost killed my son that was my fault? he
lied on his financial affidavit he did make about $3000.00 a month I
was making $800.00 I submitted pictures of wires hanging that he left
I had no money for an electrician he was an electrician, they used the
evidence against me when it was his doing both of us lived in the
house, when he left he knew I was totally disabled so did his attorney
and my attorney.within one week after he left the house I was charged
with all kinds of building code violations also his cars registered to
him i received the summons? Dominick Piacenza was his attorney Judge
Martin father was high deputy sheriff of New London county.EX was or
is on leave from EB and a nuclear electrical inspector NCO in Rhode
Island National Guard and Union Official I also worked at EB after I
was hurt two months later I was
let go from work and they never gave me a job even though I was a
graduate apprentice electronics due to my husbands influence to
financially break me he has frauded and lied along with his attorney
he has alienated the children using money as stick and carrot.all I
want is what is just and fair is that too much to ask? at the time of
the divorce he was having an affair with the union hall secretary whom
he later married Susan Pelkey married name Wolinski (husband steven
she was married at the time and received very little at the time of
the divorce because she was h aving an affair) however they rewarded
Ex for his bad behavior he was abusive to me and my son from my first
marriage.Susans husband and she had a business which she lost all
interest in S&S distributing.At the time of the divorce adultery was a
chargeable offense I could not get any of my attorneys to do so I
ended up being the bad guy. try as I might I could not get any
attorney to defend me or charge him this is the firs time I have said
anything because I have been afraid of the legal system and the
political system I only want what is fair I know this is an old case
but it is still not over I fought a long time and still to no avail if
you know of anyone who might help please let them know I might have
to go to the hoosegow next week tue or wed,so i wont be able to
receive or send e mail for who knows how long want to know what is
going on try the new London day sept11 12 13 14 any time. Because the
car was not in good working order I was charged with a motor vehicle
violation.and others This is a horror show that is never ending!
Long talk! please contact me soo that I know at least one person knows
what has happened, I was neve allowed to have my day in court!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007 9:01:00 AM  

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