Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Official Connecticut Real Estate Scam

A source informed me of what is going on in Derby, Connecticut, and probably all over Connecticut.

On Main St., in Derby, the properties were to be taken later by Eminent Domain allegedly weren't reassessed, so when taken fair market value was not paid to the owners of properties.

Bonds are paid back by taxpayers. Private individuals with insider connections are allegedly getting rich at your expense. You pay taxes to take from the poorer to make the rich, richer.

Is that ok with you?

Why should political insiders get rich, possibly illegally?

Should this be investigated?

Do Connecticut's corrupt courts and police add to the abuse of citizens that don't want to let their property and homes to be stolen for a song out from under them?

Is Rell more corrupt than former Governor John G. Rowland if she knowingly allows such profiteering, racketeering, and obstruction of justice to go on?

I was told to sell my Stafford Springs, Connecticut, properties at a loss, by the selectman of Stafford. I didn't and was attacked by a police informant on my property. He threatened my life. So, I was put in prison, with no record, for pepper spraying a felon who attacked me at my home.

Does Rell want to keep "violent" offenders in prison because we disagree about being ripped off officially?

My life high jacked:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting article.CT realtors should be informed of this and warned from corrupts,and good video presentation by the way,Thank you for sharing.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 4:29:00 AM  

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