Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pomping up the Pompous, Connecticut Trial Lawyers stroke Judges

There seems to be a club of legislators, judges, prosecutors, police, and trial lawyers. We the people, lose, and aren't part of the "special club".

Cindy Robinson Introduction of Judge Nadeau, part 1

Judge Nadeau, part 1

Rep. Themis Klarides

Rep. Themis Klarides receives the CTLA Civil Justice Award

* * * *

The justice system does not protect everyone. There is no integrity. There is no public service. Lawyers have become the scourge of the nation. Lawyers should not be involved in controlling every aspect of our lives. Lawyers can legislate unfairness, abuse, red tape, and racism while lining their pockets. Don't vote for lawyers. Legislators, the judicial branch, the executive branch, and law enforcement have their ethics challenged by being involved with the lawyer mafia.


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