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Teflon Badges

Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell with a Buzz On?

Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell
What is the initial "M.", for? Why does her long time associate and number one aid, M. Lisa Moody also have an "M." in her name? I can understand matching tattoos. Is the above gesture, what she is really saying to Connecticut taxpayers? [post]

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Feds Overlooked Hartford Cop’s Checkered Past

by James Brewer | April 3, 2007 8:40 AM
Posted to Local Politics

File photo

File photo

The Deputy United States Attorney that brought down Boston FBI Agents and local cops for illegal activities with federal informants seems to have turned a blind eye to the questionable appointment of suspended Hartford Police Officer Robert Lawlor (pictured) to the Federal Violent Crimes Impact Team (“VCIT”) in 2005.

Connecticut’s U.S. Attorney Kevin O’Connor and Deputy U.S. Attorney John Durham remain mum on the topic of Lawlor’s involvement in a Federal Task Force operating in Hartford that led to the death of 18-year-old Jashon Bryant and shooting of Brandon Henry by Lawlor. Lawlor killed Bryant and seriously wounded Henry while on duty as a deputized United States Marshal working on the VCIT.

VCIT was a joint operation, federally funded, that utilized Federal Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (“ATF”) agents and Hartford Police officers to get guns off the streets.
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Robert Lawlor or an associate posted this picture of Lawlor on a website asking for donations with the words, "American Patriot" underneath:

Is a White Cop that executes Blacks by shooting them in the back an American Patriot?

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Do you want to score drugs?

Lt. William White (Photo: New Haven Register)

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Why did a Connecticut State Police Officer have hundreds of thousands of unexplained cash to waste gambling, and then kill his wife, seriously wound her lawyer, and then shoot himself? Was he protecting his friends also with hundreds of thousands of dollars of unexplained cash?

Power, Intimidation, and the Threat of Death or Serious Injury

is a hallmark of any Mafia-like organization.

Michael Bochicchio, a retired Major in the Connecticut State Police Posted by Hello

Someone that can easily obtain large amounts of money and then just waste it, such as losing $176,000 gambling in just 6 months, begs many questions.

Large amounts of cash begotten by schemes, payoffs, and/or white collar crime capers can’t be used to just buy a home or other large purchase, but pursuits like gambling are an easy way to ‘launder’ and waste large amounts of cash. If there was no effort in earning it and the money wasn’t earned in a legitimate way, why not gamble it?

The former Chief of Staff for the former Connecticut State Police Commissioner,
Arthur L. Spada, was nailed for fraud and other serious infractions. Spada had a cavalier attitude indicating that this was not uncommon State Police behavior and should be overlooked given the amount of time officers have been getting ‘freebies’ and on the take. What!!!???

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Report: Top aide to Public Safety chief to be arrested for defrauding state

July 2, 2004

HARTFORD, Conn. -- An arrest warrant has been issued for the chief of staff to state Public Safety Commissioner Arthur Spada, charging him with defrauding the state, The Hartford Courant reported in editions prepared for Friday.

Maj. Gregory Senick, Spada's chief of staff for the past four years, is accused of charging thousands of dollars in snow removal, plumbing and other bills to the state while he lived at a state-owned property for $1 a year, The Courant reported, citing unidentified sources.

Senick, 47, is expected to turn himself in on Friday to answer two counts of first-degree larceny and a conspiracy charge, both felonies. The charges are filed by the recently formed Public Integrity Unit of the chief state's attorney's office, the newspaper reported.

He would be the highest ranking state police officer ever arrested.

Senick was not available for comment when phoned by The Associated Press Thursday night.

Spada defended Senick.

"I have no doubt he will be vindicated," Spada said. "I have found his integrity to be impeccable. I am shocked just like everybody else at department headquarters."

Senick has been living on the Altobello property in Meriden since April 1999, originally paying $1 a year in rent in a lease he signed with the Department of Public Works.

In exchange, he was to conduct security checks of the property and file quarterly reports with DPW officials.

The Courant, citing unidentified sources, said the criminal case against Senick focuses on whether Senick intentionally defrauded a state agency by breaking the lease. Senick was supposed to pay for snow and garbage removal and lawn care, according to the lease.

Senick hired a property management firm to do the work and had the company bill the state, The Courant reported.

Senick's stepson works for the property management company, the newspaper reported, citing its sources.

An employee of the property management firm also is expected to be arrested on charges similar to Senick's. Officials from the Hartford firm could not be reached for comment.

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Gay Bashing within in the ranks of the Connecticut State Police?
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When will Col. Lynch of the Connecticut State Police be arrested for fixing cases and influencing the outcomes of State Police investigations?

Justice and Political Influence is For Sale

A blowjob, car crash, politically powerful man dead, and alleged police/court tampering, skewed investigations, and harassment allegedly orchestrated out of a governor�s office. ...
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A Corrupt Governor and a Homeland Security Scam Involving the State Police

Vincent J. DeRosa was named director of the state Homeland Security Department under former Gov. John G. Rowland.
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Racism and Spying, a "Proud" Connecticut State Police History?

Mr. Clean's Swan Song

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Will the new Connecticut State Police Commissioner John A. Danaher III continue the Connecticut State Police tradition of spying on citizens, retaliation, and in covering up police misconduct?

Connecticut State Police Commissioner John A. Danaher III

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[click here] for my complaint to the Washington DC FBI

If Connecticut police officers, allegedly on steroids shoot their guns off in town, beat up citizens, and then pay an informant $10,000 to kill a US Marine having made a police misconduct complaint, the informant turns in the cops, and then the officers convince another felon, on probation, to kill the US Marine, nothing happens to the cops. The 2nd murder for hire attempt fails, and the US Marine wakes up in the hospital with 13 stab wounds is arrested for causing a disturbance being stabbed, and a corrupt Connecticut Judge does not violate the felon police informant on probation for almost killing 3 people. Yes, the police and courts in Connecticut are "Beyond Ridiculous", [click here] for more

Ritt Goldstein informed Connecticut Legislators at a special hearing about Connecticut Police Misconduct [video], and soon after fled for his life to Sweden, seeking political asylum.

I went to legislators about police not wanting to protect and serve downtown Connecticut home and business owners regarding drug dealers, prostitutes, thieves, and vandals, that police encourage to commit crimes, calling them "informants", for use in revenue collection, retaliation, and asset and cash confiscation. [video] of the properties police were determined to make me lose railroading me to prison for having a "Big Mouth" writing letters to the editor printed in newspapers, and for proposing Civilian Oversight of Police to legislators.

Former Rockville Connecticut Judge and former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada

I tell former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada off [click here]


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