Monday, September 24, 2007

What are the odds?

I went down to Connecticut with 2 laptops, one new, to fight for justice in my case, recently.

Mysteriously both laptops developed problems working and going on the internet while I was in Connecticut.

A car that I trusted to go to New Orleans, twice, developed electrical problems over a certain hill in Connecticut. The car is dead, the electrical system fried.

I went to get my van that I spent over $5000 replacing the engine and transmission. It has about 5000 miles on most of its rebuilt or new parts. The van died over the same hill, electrical powers developed making the same ride as I did with my car, just a day or so later.

Both vehicles were broken down next to each other in the same driveway of a friend.

I got the van fixed and went back to Vermont.

On the highway the fan belt in new condition snapped. The van overheated and I may have blown the motor.

I borrowed a mini-van and with 12 hours of my van's fan belt snapping, the fan belt on the mini van snapped, stranding me and causing me other problems.

In the past:

When I emailed complaints about former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada my computer soon fried. I borrowed a friend's computer to continue to email my complaints, that computer fried.

I hid out in a horse farm up in Massachusetts, Connecticut State Police Officers hung out in front of the house like they did when I was in Connecticut to try and intimidate me. The microwave, furnace, and other electrical devices fried due to a "power surge". The computer was unplugged and in the other side of the house so it was unaffected.

Chris Kennedy was making similar complaints about police and corrupt judiciary and judges in Connecticut. His computer, television, microwave, furnace, and other devices fried in a power surge around the same time.

Del Simmons the founder of where I used to blog about police and judial corruption has his server in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. I posted on Arthur L. Spada and police corruption, and again, around that same time, there was a power surge and his server went down, fried, and he had a back up of all information fried on the server.

I got a laptop from my father. Blogging from Connecticut and it soon fried. I got a laptop from my sister and blogged about Connecticut corruption in Connecticut and that fried. I got a new HP laptop and blogged in Connecticut about Connecticut corruption, the HP fried and was not usable. I then got a Dell laptop, that no longer works correctly. I then got an Acer laptop and now that doesn't operate correctly either or go on the internet.

What are the odds?

The Connecticut State Police may have the unlimited power to snoop on citizens, hack into computers, and engage in covert operations to abuse citizens that are engaging in Free Speech practices and that summon politicians to clean up Connecticut law enforcement and courts. If the Connecticut State Police will go after the campaign manager of the Connecticut challenger for Governor M. Jodi Rell because he was on their Connecticut State Police "Enemies List", anyone can be a covert target of the Connecticut State Police. [click here] for the Kenneth Krayeske story.

The Connecticut Department of Administrative Services seems to have monitor and hack into computers all over the world. Lisa Masterson, a Lyme Activist in the UK area of London was critical of Yale and big pharmaceutical companies in the regards to treatment and testing for Lyme Disease. She allegedly had the Connecticut Department of Administrative Service IP address hacking into her computer as did Stonington Connecticut Lyme Activist, Kathleen Dickson. Both were later confined to a mental hospitals for a time, their kids taken away in retaliation for their exposing corporate crimes and fraud and the government officials running interference.

Any one event or any individuals account can be explained away. What are the odds there isn't something to it when you bring out the entire picture?

[click here] for my complaint to the Washington DC FBI

[click here] for "Are U.S. Courts still racist, but now just a little more slick about it?"


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