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Is Henry Hill the Next Padma Lakshmi?

is%20henry%20hill%20the%20next%20padma%20lakshmi.jpgWatch out Top Chef, there's a new kitchen-centric reality show in the works featuring former mobster, Goodfellas muse, government witness, and chronic alcoholic Henry Hill (seen here displaying some of the "art" he's been selling on E-Bay). Several postings on Craigslist reveal that prospective line and prep cooks, bartenders, servers, hostesses, and chefs at Hill's "Wiseguy's" restaurant in New Haven must be, "willing to be part of a new reality show scheduled to start shooting during opening of restaurant." The show (and the restaurant) don't seem to be getting off to a great start since, as of August 10, they were still looking for an executive chef. Applicants were invited to visit the restaurant at their leisure, but the ad warned that the "location is under construction. So please come in, make your way to the back office." Perhaps Joe Pesci will come out of retirement to ask the staff if he "seems funny" to them.

The above [found here]

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Connecticut State Senators, Mafia trash haulers, and unexplained cash (bribes)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sealed cases and Cops getting away with murder?

Former Hartford Connecticut Police Officer Robert Lawlor

Jashon Bryant, the 18-year-old city teenager shot from behind by Officer Robert Lawlor

Excerpt from Journal Inquirer piece:
Although he was initially cooperative with Lawlor and Prather, Henry began to drive away.

Lawlor told the grand juror that Bryant's hands "were not up. He made movements to go to the floor. He went down."

Lawlor then fired five shots from his .45-caliber pistol at the moving car. One bullet hit Henry in the chest, wounding him. Two others hit Bryant in the back of his head, killing him instantly as Henry continued to drive away.

Though Lawlor claims Bryant had a gun, none was ever found. Connelly's report also says an autopsy revealed a bullet wound to one of Bryant's thumbs, indicating that the wound occurred when "at least one of Bryant's hand was on his head."

Morano sent Connelly's conclusions and recommendations to New Haven State's Attorney Michael Dearington, who obtained a warrant charging Lawlor in the case. [more]

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Is the judiciary going to cover up another racially motivated White Police Officer execution of a Black? Connecticut Judiciary report [found here]

Is Connecticut State's Attorney John Connelly going to cover up another police racially motivated execution of a Black? Did Connelly allegedly botch the trial against police officer Scott Smith who stood on a Black suspects back and fired through the suspects back, executing the suspect, so Smith would skate on appeal for murder?

The "Wild West" of Connecticut Judges

Judge Kevin Tierney of Stamford Superior Court in Connecticut, G.A. 1, seems to have no problem ruling outside of his jurisdiction in a retaliatory way. Francis C. P. Knize is known to be politically active trying to reform the courts to best serve the public's best interest.

Should a judge be able to illegally remove your assets and even jail you for trying to redress grievances, exercising Free Speech, in trying to reform a judiciary that is out of control?

Francis C. P. Knize filmed [this video] on the national issue of judges judging judges.

Christopher Kennedy [video] of Ellington, Connecticut, claims that Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan has put judicial complaints in sealed cases to retaliate against citizens that have made judicial complaints. Judges see that there is a complaint against another judge and are supposed to help retaliate against a citizen seeking justice by finally complaints against bad judges. [Post] on the retaliation against Chris Kennedy.

I tried to have Judge Jonathan Kaplan of Rockville Connecticut Superior Court GA 19 removed for bias in civil cases against the self-employed, contractors, and landlords. Kaplan was made aware that Connecticut State Police had acted out on a vendetta retaliating against me for my political activism, knew a felon had committed felonies in trying to rob me, assaulting me on my property, was given immunity, to maliciously prosecute me for resisting being mugged on my own property. Kaplan, a judge, I had lodged complaints about, trying to remove for years, sentenced me, with no prior record, to a year in prison, 3 years probation, for "overreacting" to being beaten during a strong armed robbery attempt, where I ended the attempt on my life with pepper spray! [more]

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Westport, Conn., divorce lawyer Nancy Segore-Freshman said her client, a nursery school teacher, is afraid to even touch her computer, for fear of being in contempt of court.

Greenwich, Conn., urologist Jeffrey Ranta is convinced there's something somewhere in his wife's laptop that would help his divorce case. And now he may have the chance to prove it.

Stamford Superior Court Judge Kevin Tierney recently took the highly unusual step of ordering Mary Ranta to stop using her laptop altogether and immediately turn it over to the court clerk's office. [more]

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Police have unlimited spying powers

Police in Connecticut will tap your phones, monitor your computer use, and set you up for arrests and prison for contacting elected officials about doing something about judicial and police corruption in Connecticut. If you refuse to be romantically involved with a CT State Police Officer or one of their operatives you can be put on surveillance, not allowed to date by police, arrested, put in prison, and lose everything. [more]

Photos courtesy of The Falcon

[click here] for Steven G. Erickson YouTube Videos

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Elected officials that act against police and judicial corruption can be put under surveillance and just like the Mafia, police and members of the judiciary will go after entire families in retaliation.

Barbara Sattal, pictured above told me that if I didn't continue to date her, "Dad", as she allegedly referred to Col. Davoren of the Connecticut State Police, formerly the LT of Troop C, Tolland Connecticut, would have the Connecticut State Police enforce a "no dating" policy on me, run me out of Connecticut, and make me lose everyting.

They did. 2 Connecticut State Troopers committed perjury at my fixed Rockville Connecticut Superior Court, Judge Jonathan Kaplan, presiding, where I was sentenced to a year in prison for resisting being mugged in my dark driveway. The felon that attacked me on my property, committing felonies, was given immunity from prosecution by State Police and the courts.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Connecticut "Sealed Cases" scandal

It has long been known that the Connecticut Judiciary serves the rich and powerful, and does so in secret. Sealing cases keeps certain names out of the news. Their financial, sexual, and criminal shenanigans can be kept from the "commoners". [more]

Is former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland really saying, "I tell lies this big"?

If former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland beat his first wife whenever he felt like it, and the Connecticut State Police and other cops did nothing, did Rowland owe the Police Union and top cops in Connecticut favors? Was there winks and nods exchanged with the Connecticut "Mafia of Judges"?

Rowland is known to be corrupt. I contacted his office complaining about Connecticut State Police. Did Rowland's staff turn my name over to Connecticut State Police Commissioner so I could be ruined by Connecticut State Police to be railroaded to prison all at taxpayer expense?

[click here] for my beef

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Free Speech under attack in Connecticut

Atty. Jon Schoenhorn. Avery Doninger fundraiser

Link to video

Avery Doninger, a high school student in Connecticut, has civil rights actions pending in the US Second Court of Appeals. She and her mother sued high school principal Karissa Niehoff and superintendent Paula Schwartz after they removed Avery as class secretary.

Doninger lobbied the community to support a battle of the bands sponsored by the student council. Bizarrely, the administration responded to this by canceling the event. Doninger, 15, blogged about it, calling the administrators “douchebags.” Doninger was then banned from school office, even after apologizing, while another student who called Schwartz a “dirty whore” was given an award.

Doninger ran as a write-in candidate, won, and the school refused to accept it, and went so far as to ban t-shirts students were wearing in support of her. Clearly, the petty tyrants at the school are unacquainted with the concept of free speech.

The Doningers are appealing a decision by a judge to deny a motion for a preliminary injunction, and want an apology from the school for civil right violations and sharing of the secretary office with the administration backed candidate.

In this video, her lawyer, Atty. Jon Schoenhorn details why this case is so important. Until the Internet, schools had no right to punish students for what they did outside of school. Recently though, schools have been saying that the Internet is so pervasive that they have the right to censor students for things they do “outside the schoolhouse gates.”

Yet the doctrine on this has always been clear. Discipline can only be used if the conduct disrupts the “pedagological interests” of the school, something which clearly did not happen in this case. Yet these creeping and noxious infringements on freedom of speech continue. That’s why this case is worth following and supporting.

Andy Thibault’s Cool Justice Report has continuing coverage, and he helped organize the event.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Connecticut State Police "Game" of making False Arrests

False arrests lead to false imprisonment. There is no accountability of police officers in Connecticut. Do you feel safe?

Excerpt: The game was to make enough drunken driving arrests to qualify for the "100 Club" - 100 arrests for the year. But following the rules often didn't matter. Nor did whether the driver was really drunk.

Troopers were supposed to videotape arrests. Often they didn't. They mishandled evidence. They even counseled motorists against taking the breathalyzer, warning them they would spend more time in the police lockup if they chose to exercise their rights. [more]

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Faces of Victims

of Connecticut Police misconduct:

[click here] for more

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17 y/o Ian Murzin choked to death by CT State Trooper, revived, and never the same

[click here] for more

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Judges in Connecticut are willing to give felons on probation a free pass when they act for police in killing or trying to kill citizens that make police misconduct complaints. [more]

Should police be able to pay informants cash to kill citizens that make police misconduct complaints and not face prison?

Classifying Corruption as "Secret"

October 13, 2007 - 8:52am.

Four powerful Democratic lawmakers on Friday warned Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that "endemic corruption" in Iraq was fueling the insurgency, and accused her department of covering it up.

The House of Representatives committee chairmen also accused US officials of refusing to answer questions on corruption in Iraq, and complained the department had reclassified data on the issue after it had been released.


Is the State of Connecticut immune from being sued?

Excerpt: The Supreme Court ruled Monday that the state was immune from the lawsuit under Connecticut's sovereign immunity statute, which says that the state generally cannot be sued unless the state claims commissioner approves. [more]

Monday, October 15, 2007

Is my math correct?

I went [here] to find the current population and [here] to figure out what the actual national debt is.

So, if we are about 303 million people and we owe 60 trillion in our national debt, does that mean a baby born right now owes about $200,000?

Well, I wasn't getting police protection and service when I owned [these properties] so Connecticut police and corrupt courts saw that I lost my retirement, home, investment properties, small business, family, credit, and the sum total of my life's work to send me to prison for proposing what I thought were to solutions to downtown USA problems to elected officials.

I'm not paying ... are you?

Does it make sense for state like Connecticut to use [Eminent Domain] bulldoze affordable housing and rents and established small businesses to displace average people, ruin business, so a few rich people and their politicians friends get what is left of the US pie in their "shell game" while we all get the shaft?

From Capitolhillblue.com:

October 15, 2007 - 9:14am.

The Pentagon has misled Congress and the US public by conniving with the FBI to obtain hundreds of financial, telephone and Internet records without court approval, civil-rights campaigners said Sunday.

The American Civil Liberties Union, which has successfully challenged key planks of US anti-terrorism legislation, said it had uncovered 455 "National Security Letters" (NSLs) issued at the behest of the Department of Defense.


Now is Time to Impeach Bush

Radio hosts slam top Democrats for reluctance to consider impeachment

Jason Rhyne
Published: Monday October 15, 2007

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Reid: Impeachment is a 'foolish idea;' Pelosi doesn't see justification

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) -- the top Democratic leaders from each of their respective chambers of Congress -- are drawing fire for a pair of recent radio appearances in which they reiterated their opposition to pursuing the impeachment of President George W. Bush.

In an interview Oct. 9 with nationally syndicated liberal radio host Ed Schultz, Pelosi defended previous statements in which she had promised that "impeachment was off the table."

"I don't see a connection between this and impeachment," Pelosi said, asked about a newly released secret memo on US interrogation tactics. A moment later, she side-stepped a repeat of the same question by elaborating on her goal to "bring the country behind a return to an America that honors the vision of our founders."

"I don't see that impeachment is in furtherance of bringing the people together in that way," she said.

"If somebody else out there has reason to think that they have evidence that the president has committed an impeachable offense that can pass the Congress, please let me know that," she continued, "but at the present time, I don't think that the justification is there for that."

Late Friday, Schultz told RAW STORY that the speaker's unwillingness to realistically discuss the impeachment option -- or even to entertain a theoretical scenario in which it might merit real consideration -- was tantamount to giving President Bush a "license to do whatever he wants to do."

"I think the Democratic leadership has signaled to the American people that there is no set of facts, no turn of events that would rise to the level of impeachment," Schultz said, adding that he thought the party's leaders had "pretty much given up."

"Our callers are extremely passionate about the truth," he continued. "They're extremely passionate about the Constitution, and poor Democrats feel like the leadership is letting them down."

Reid, too, dismisses impeachment

For those Democratic voters who believed a majority in Congress might have greased the wheels for possible action on impeachment, another recent interview with top Senate Majority Lead Harry Reid did little to kindle hope.

In a recent Q&A with left-leaning host Christiane Brown of Reno's KJFK radio, Reid dismissed the notion as a "waste of time" that would succeed only in handing the White House to Vice President Dick Cheney.

"The clincher of it all," added Reid, "is that we'd end up with Cheney as president. Does anybody want that?"

"What people want to know is why do we want to wait for more deaths over the next year because we say our hands are tied," said Brown of the war in Iraq, adding that Cheney could be impeached as well.

"Well, I respectfully suggest to anyone that suggests impeachment," the senator replied, "that it's a very foolish idea."

Brown, however, who shot back on-air that "respectfully, I disagree and I know there are a lot of people that do," told RAW STORY that she couldn't grasp Reid's "strange thinking."

"It just seems to me that they've already made their mind up that impeachment isn't an option," she said of Reid and other Democrats, like Pelosi, that brush off even the notion of impeachment.

"We just hear a lot of excuses all the time," Brown said, citing Reid's insistence on her program that the trappings of an impeachment would be an unneeded distraction that served little effective purpose in the waning days of Bush's final term.

"None of these arguments stand up," she continued. "You have to do what's right...I think Americans want to see some accountability, and we're now being told that we're foolish to even consider it. It seems like [Congress] is looking for every reason not to get rid of this president."

'It's all about '08'

The logic, Brown says, doesn't play out. She theorizes that "maybe they think that having Bush in power is going to help them with their numbers in 2008."

According to impeachment activist David Swanson, that's precisely the reason. Co-founder of AfterDowningStreet.org, and the Washington director of Democrats.com and ImpeachPAC.org, Swanson believes that reluctance among Democratic leaders has nothing to do with the a lack of justification for drafting impeachment articles and everything to do with politics.

"The Bush Administration is throwing out impeachable offense after impeachable offense," Swanson said. He counts Bush's "refusal to honor subpoenas," frequent signing statements and controversial intelligence gathering techniques as part of a roster of administration actions that warrant impeachment.

But Congress, in his opinion, isn't making a push for the president's removal because "Nancy Pelosi actually believes the best way to win elections is to keep Bush in office."

In Swanson's view, top Democrats have quietly committed to an electoral strategy that seeks to hang the albatross of an unpopular but still-serving President Bush around the necks of 2008 GOP contenders -- both the eventual Republican presidential nominee as well as the party's House and Senate candidates down ticket.

"And there's a view of history that says that isn't only morally disgusting, it's also wrong politically," he continued, adding that not only did Democrats have a responsibility to prosecute what he considers impeachable offenses, but also that impeachment itself wasn't inherently detrimental politically.

"Never has a party suffered for bringing impeachment," Swanson said, going on to mention that impeachment measures led by Democrats against former President Richard Nixon actually preceded a landslide victory for congressional Democrats in the 1974 mid-term elections.

Even after impeachment against President Bill Clinton, a very unpopular impeachment Swanson points out, Republicans lost fewer seats in the 2000 election than historical norms for a six-term congressional majority.

"They held onto both houses and the White House," he said. "Democrats should be thankful to suffer that kind of fate."

Schultz enthusiastically agrees. He believes that looming election concerns are powering much of the reluctance among House and Senate leadership.

"It's all about '08," he said. "They want the White House. They can't turn the country around unless they have the White House. They're serious about change, they're concerned about the country, but they think it would divide the country's future if impeachment were brought. And they're not willing to roll those dice."

To: governor.rell@po.state.ct.us

From: stevengerickson@yahoo.com
Subject: Homeland and Police abuse of Children in CT Schools?

Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell

Text of Email:
Are children being abused by police and Homeland Security in Connecticut schools? Are concerned parents that call the school or ask for appointments to ask school officials threatened with arrest if they call the school inquiring about homeland security or police abuse of students? Are parents threatened with arrest, told they aren't allowed on school grounds to schedule appointments with school staff if they have issues with police and homeland security policies? Is this ok with you and your staff, Governor M. Jodi Rell?

Please check out the videos posted [here].

I was terrorized out of my home and the State of Connecticut by the Connecticut State Police for having contacted elected officials and proposing legislation to bring ethics and public service to the Connecticut Courts and Civilian Oversight of Police and I was a target to be silenced, falsely arrested, and held as a political prisoner in Connecticut prisons to prevent me from redressing grievances to elected officials.

Governor Rell, is it ok for police to run citizens out of Connecticut that exercise Free Speech and want honest government, police, and courts in Connecticut?

I was run out of my Connecticut home, made to lose my home, pets, family, and small business built over 20 years by Connecticut State Police officers and Connecticut's corruptikourts, is that ok with you and your administration?

I talked with a male staffer of yours, initials, J.L., and he told me that you and your office aren't interested in following up on reports to your office of corruption and in helping victims of Connecticut's Official Corruption. Is that accurate?

Please get back to me,
Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson

P.S. please address the issues [posted here]

Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell shaking hands with Steven G. Erickson 12:15 PM EST July 1, 2005 Posted by Picasa

I brought up Chris Kennedy.

* * * *

The campaign manager for the Green Party Candidate against Governor Rell, Kenneth Krayeske was placed on the Connecticut State Police secret "Enemies List" and was arrested. [more]

Some use of Photoshop programs is obvious

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The Band - I Shall Be Released (Last Waltz Part 22)

The Band perform "I Shall Be Released" with Bob Dylan, Ringo Starr, Ron Wood, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Joni Mitchell, Dr. John, Neil Diamond, Joni Mitchell, Paul Butterfield, Van Morrison and Ronnie Hawkins during the Last Waltz.

“… the job is to shed light, not to master …”

Grateful Dead - Terrapin Station

Jake Shimabukuro plays "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" on the Ukulele

Warren Haynes on Slide Guitar

Gov't Mule Banks Of the Deep End Live

NH warns residents not to travel through or to CT

... as the US Constitution does not apply in Connecticut. [more]

US Marine arrested for being stabbed in Connecticut

Friday, October 12, 2007

How Far will “They” go?

Homeland Security routing out 13 y/o "Lesbians" in schools? Parent Stephen Murzin talks about the goings on in Seymour, Connecticut, High School.

* * * *

[click here] for a list of all of my youtube.com video

Family Of 5 All Have Lyme Disease

The 101 on Lyme Disease Testing and Treatment Fraud by the Patent Numbers

Lyme Protest to be held today at the UConn Medical Center exit 39B, I-84 in Connecticut, 11 to 1.

Randy Sykes message to those that are afflicted with Lyme Disease

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Homeland Security arrests kid over stolen sandwich at school

There are police officers and Homeland Security operatives [Kearns] in High Schools such as in Seymour, Connecticut. Parent Stephen Murzin talks about police and Homeland Security Officer abusing kids in schools. Stephen Murzin fears being arrested when he attends a school committee meeting in Seymour Connecticut next Monday. The Homeland Security Officer told Murzin that citizens aren’t to question Homeland Security and Police procedures in schools and if he calls the school or comes on school property he will be arrested.

A boy was very hungry and stole a sandwich wrap. The boy was taunted by the police officer and Homeland Security Officer asking the boy, “Aren’t you hungry, would you like a bite of this sandwich.” So the officers were “tampering with evidence.”

Instead of kids getting detentions and even suspensions for passing notes and taking food without permission, children and teens are being arrested by Homeland Security and Police in schools. Seymour, CT, High is in an average town and is primarily White. Kids and teens are being interrogated, harassed, ridiculed, and have their rights abused by police and Homeland Security.

Should 13 year old girls be pulled into a room with a police officer and a 6’5” Homeland Security Officer to explain passing notes, asked if they are lesbians, and then arrested for assault if they lunge forward to rip up papers on a desk, the “evidence”. Is it believable that a huge man would fear a little 13 year old lunging forward to rip up papers to want her arrested for assaulting a Homeland Security Officer?

Do we pay our taxes so that more and more rights are taken away and so more thugs can investigate us, interrogate us, arrest, and imprison more and more citizens.

What lessons are these kids learning about Freedom, Free Speech, and America?

* * * *

[click here] for background on Stephen and Ian Murzin. The Felon on probation hired to kill Stephen by Police wasn't even violated on probation. Stephen was arrested when he woke up with 13 stab wounds.

Lyme Disease Prostest Oct 12, 2007, Farmington CT

The protest will be held at UConn Medical Center, Farmington, CT from 11 AM to 1 PM.

Video to possibly follow. I met with Randy Sykes tonight and shot a video. Randy's phone seemed to have no problem receiving calls, calling out was another issue. The internet at Mr. Syke's house seemed to be very unreliable for 3 days or so before the protest.

Randy Sykes talks candidly about Lyme Disease


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dirty Tricks and Sealed Court Cases

LandTrover Fights For Freedom & Property Rights!

Press Release:

Court documents allege Wisconsin man “Nifonged” by James E. Doyle

A Wisconsin man has filed petitions under penalty of perjury in state and federal courts seeking, respectively, the overturn of an unlawful conviction, and federal protection. Steven Alan Magritz claims retaliation and persecution over the years by Doyle ever since he obtained admissions in a private civil lawsuit that James E. Doyle was using Wisconsin taxpayer resources to finance his sister Catherine Doyle’s private lawsuit against Focus On The Family, American Family Association, VCY America, Inc. and other entities or pastors.

Catherine Doyle had been accused of kicking a 7 year old girl child in the face on May 15, 1993 , while the child was kneeling praying in front of an 'abortuary'. The special prosecutor appointed by judge Sheedy dropped the case against Doyle after the child’s family, having been threatened, disappeared.

Catherine Doyle then sued for slander, and in her FOURTH amended complaint – 6 years into her lawsuit - named Magritz as conspiring with VCY et al. Magritz who had never heard of Catherine Doyle at the time of the alleged conspiracy, obtained admissions which resulted in the case being immediately settled and the case file sealed after 7 years of what Magritz claims was actually James E. Doyle’s “fishing expedition” to further his political ambitions.

Doyle thereafter allegedly retaliated against Magritz, who, unlike the “Nifonged” Duke lacrosse players whose families have racked up a reported $3 million in legal bills, was a poor person who couldn’t afford a lawyer, and was not afforded assistance or counsel by the court. His conviction, sentencing, and imprisonment was a “slam dunk” for Doyle, and was used as a campaign issue in Doyle’s election as Governor, with Magritz relentlessly branded as a 'paper terrorist'.

[click here] for more

* * * *

The above link was emailed to me at stevengerickson@yahoo.com
Francis C. P. Knize and I appeared recently on global Truth Radio and a listener emailed me the above. I will be posting videos Frank Knize and I shoot [here]

Monday, October 08, 2007

Eminent Domain Citizen Abuse, Norwalk, CT

Politicians and their connected, rich developer friends are scamming taxpayers nationwide. This man's story tells it all. Casey Onaitis of 4 Merwin St., Norwalk, CT 06850, doesn't deserve to be put out of his business. Such businesses should be passed on to family or others willing to honor traditions and honestly serving the public.

Casey's Sheet Metal Service, Inc., provides necessary custom sheet metal fabrication and other services Home Depot and other chains do not.

It is a plain shame that working people are being put out of business, put out of their homes, for a scam, a shell game.

Our heritage and history in the US is being torn down and average citizens are being ruined to make the rich richer at everyone's else's expense.

Eminent domain
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia definition, [click here]

* * * *

[click here] for:

Susette Kelo, a New London homeowner whose case was decided two weeks ago by the U.S. Supreme Court., attended the protest. The court ruled in favor of the city of New London, saying it can use eminent domain to seize property for economic purposes.
Copyright 2005, Hartford Courant

America held hostage by the Judicial System

If a top lawyer says the system is broken and needs to be fixed. That says it all. Dr. Richard Cordero is part of a growing number of Americans fed up with the way our American Judicial System is operating and is taking action to reform it.

Dr. Richard Cordero spars with US Federal Judge Ralph Winter on the subject of an American Judiciary run a muck. Francis C. P. Knize testifies also and was the primary editor/producer of the above video. The hearing is shut down when Elena Ruth Sassower asks to speak at the hearing for the national issue of judges judging judges in Brooklyn, NY, US Federal Courthouse.


[click here] for Dr. Codero's suggested link from the first comment of this post

This blogger's email:

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Please Donate to our Documentary Fund

"In the Interest of Justice", The Documentary Series

Francis C.P. Knize is a renowned documentary producer. I am the co-producer and cameraman #2. We plan on exposing injustice in the court system nationally and to see that legislation is passed for judicial accountability. As it is now judges aren't following rules and decide cases as they please. This undermines all that our forefathers intended. By clicking the button below, you would be donating $5. Please donate $5, and we'll continue doing what we are doing, exposing injustice, but in a professionally edited and crafted documentary. The $5 donation will go into Francis C.P. Knize's account for our documentary. We have been in contact with Court TV and other networks. It is up to you to help us get something into production. We are creating real changes in real time, please donate by clicking on button below.

For a $5 donation, click:

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Here is an example [click here] of Francis' editing, soundtrack, and special effects work meant to show the possible range in an upcoming documentary on what is wrong with the court system in the US and what experts suggest to do to remedy the situation.

Here is some of our raw footage [click here] that we filmed in the last 2 weeks in Brooklyn, New York, at a national hearing debating whether judges should be judging judges.

If you would like to donate by check, the check can be made out to Steven G. Erickson, sent to:
Steven G. Erickson
972 Putney Rd #156
Brattleboro, VT 05301
my email: stevengerickson@yahoo.com

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Citizens ask the Judicial Conference to show them the law and authority which grants them the right to place judges above ordinary men in ... all » the application of American justice. There is nothing in the Constitution that puts the misconduct of a judge as something less than the misconduct of any other citizen. The integrity of the judicial system is not benefited by a breed of "Judicial independence" which seeks only to protect judges from the scrutiny of the public. Only a panel of Citizens will make the process fair and impartial. It is clear to the public that the Judiciary abuses the process of oversight.

The Report: JUDICIAL INDEPENDENCE, INTERDEPENDENCE, AND JUDICIAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Management Of The Courts Institute for Court Pg 11: A review of the separation of powers doctrine and the interbranch conflicts created will enhance the understanding of judicial independence. Separation of powers does not specifically mean creation of a barrier that positively prevents any connection or contact between the branches. Preferably, it finds expression mainly in the existence of a balance among the branches. powers, in theory and in practice that makes possible independence in the context of specific reciprocal supervision. Although the judiciary is an independent coequal branch of government, the constitutional doctrine of separation of powers allows some overlap in the exercise of governmental functions.18 This overlap is sometimes referred to as the doctrine of overlapping functions...*

This means Congressional Oversight must play a role in the continued process by the Judicial Conference, and the Judiciary Committees and the Senate and House must be informed of all Public comments.

Canon 2: Public confidence in the judiciary is eroded by irresponsible or improper conduct by judges. A judge must avoid all impropriety and appearance of impropriety. A judge must expect to be the subject of constant public scrutiny.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

National Police Week- Visiting Officer Misconduct

Police drunk, disorderly, and driving around. Would you want "this gang" drinking and partying outside your window when you are trying to get sleep to pay your tax dollars, so hoodlums like these, have gas for their cruisers and cop equipment for spying on and torturing civilians?

A War with Iran could put the US at a societal breaking point

September 30, 2007 - 9:05am.

He was one of America's first defenders on Sept. 11, 2001, a Marine who pulled burned bodies from the ruins of the Pentagon. He saw more horrors in Kuwait and Iraq.

Today, he can't keep a job, pay his bills, or chase thoughts of suicide from his tortured brain. In a few weeks, he may lose his house, too.

Gamal Awad, the American son of a Sudanese immigrant, exemplifies an emerging group of war veterans: the economic casualties.

[click here] for more

Monday, October 01, 2007

Absolutely Whacked in Connecticut

Restraining and protective orders issued for pets in Connecticut???!!! Again it is about the money and lawyers having a new excuse to collect cash. Around two thirds of the legislators on the Connecticut Judiciary Committee are lawyers, what does that say about what team they really are on?

RILEY, a 6-month-old golden retriever, has been issued a protective order in a divorce-related dispute by Manchester Superior Court Judge Bradford Ward. Riley is held by Brian and Mary Ann Reynolds and daughter Briana Carilli in their South Windsor yard. (PATRICK RAYCRAFT / September 28, 2007)

From the Hartford Courant
Law Gives Teeth To Pet Protection
By CHRISTINE DEMPSEY | Courant Staff Writer
October 1, 2007

Riley, a golden retriever, is among the first beneficiaries of a new state law taking effect today that allows judges to issue protective orders on behalf of pets.

On Sept. 24, a Superior Court judge in Manchester ordered that the South Windsor dog be protected from Cassandra Reynolds, who police say had kicked the animal the day before. Believing the law was already in effect, a prosecutor asked that Riley be added to the list of parties with whom Reynolds, who lives in Manchester, must have no contact.

The order lists Riley, a family pet, as a "protected person" along with Brian Reynolds, Cassandra Reynolds' ex-husband, and Mary Ann Reynolds, his new wife. Cassandra Reynolds must refrain from coming within 100 yards of all three, it states.

Protective orders are common in domestic disputes and list conditions of the accused person's release from custody. The new law also applies to restraining orders - the civil court's version of protective orders.

Now that the new law is in effect, the courts will add a new box on a check-off list of conditions with which the accused must comply. The new box will give judges the option of naming as protected parties animals that are "owned or kept by the [human] victim." Until the new forms are available, court staff will check a box for miscellaneous mandates, as was done with Riley.

"We're all for it," said Mary Ann Reynolds of the new law. "We think it's a wonderful thing. I think it's long overdue."

On Sept. 23, Mary Ann Reynolds said, Cassandra Reynolds was in the passenger seat of a car that pulled into the South Windsor family's driveway. Riley approached to greet her, Mary Ann said, and Cassandra swung her legs around, and, using both feet, kicked the dog "with all of her might."

Yelping, the 6-month-old dog tumbled across the driveway, she said. Cassandra Reynolds' lawyer, Jon D. Berman, said his client never kicked the dog.

Police said Cassandra Reynolds, who works with preschoolers at St. Bridget School in Manchester, also yelled obscenities in the presence of children. She later was charged with first-degree criminal trespass and breach of peace and posted $50,000 bail.

The next day, in Superior Court in Manchester, prosecutor Lisa Herskowitz read the details of the incident and asked Judge Bradford Ward to add Riley's name to the order.

"When I saw that, it got me mad. I have three dogs," Herskowitz said of the police report. "The dog is walking up to see someone, and all of the sudden it gets kicked?"

Riley is protected under a bill Gov. M. Jodi Rell signed May 30. Called "An Act Concerning the Protection of Pets in Domestic Violence Cases," it follows similar bills passed in Maine, New York and Vermont. The bill was filed by Sen. Andrew W. Roraback, R-Goshen.

Kristin DeJournett, a cruelty case worker for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, said she is thrilled the bill passed: "We think this is a great law. We are excited."

She said PETA gets "tons of calls" from people, usually women, involved in domestic feuds in which their pets are threatened.

"A lot of times, animals have to be left behind," when an abused person flees a violent home, she said.

Other times, the victims of domestic violence refuse to leave for fear their pets will be harmed, she said. She's heard things like, "I know if I leave, he'll kill Fluffy."

Lt. Brian Smith of the Vernon Police Department said, "I've seen situations over the years where people were willing to risk their lives for their pets."

Ward isn't the only judge to extend protective orders to pets before the law took effect. A Superior Court judge in Rockville recently issued such an order.

Nothing's wrong with that, said Judge Patrick Clifford, chief administrative judge of the criminal court system. There never was anything prohibiting such orders, he said. The new law simply spells it out as an option. "It's going to be clear," Clifford said.

Courant reporter David Owens contributed to this story.

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Police pulling attractive women over for dates

I worked for a woman that is or was a Connecticut prosecutor. She is considered very attractive, and is, or was, married.

She and her husband live or lived on Gillette Ave, Springfield, MA. I performed paint and wall covering services for them. They adopted a 2 year old dog from a shelter during the time I was working there and helped let in and out while they were at work.

The Connecticut prosecutor claimed a Connecticut State Police Officer pulled her over on the highway and felt that she should be flattered that he pulled her over for being attractive. The officer wanted a date. The prosecutor turned him in, and had the feeling that the officer would get a free pass and she might suffer retaliation.

I performed similar wall covering and painting services for a Connecticut prosecutor and his male companion in Longmeadow, MA, on a side street off of Converse St. The prosecutor told me he chose to live out of Connecticut to avoid having his lifestyle being outed to influence court cases. I got their fire alarm system sensor wet twice stripping wallpaper, and the fire department showed up twice ...

Just two more little snippets to expose the true nature of some police officers and members of the judiciary.

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