Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Connecticut "Sealed Cases" scandal

It has long been known that the Connecticut Judiciary serves the rich and powerful, and does so in secret. Sealing cases keeps certain names out of the news. Their financial, sexual, and criminal shenanigans can be kept from the "commoners". [more]

Is former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland really saying, "I tell lies this big"?

If former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland beat his first wife whenever he felt like it, and the Connecticut State Police and other cops did nothing, did Rowland owe the Police Union and top cops in Connecticut favors? Was there winks and nods exchanged with the Connecticut "Mafia of Judges"?

Rowland is known to be corrupt. I contacted his office complaining about Connecticut State Police. Did Rowland's staff turn my name over to Connecticut State Police Commissioner so I could be ruined by Connecticut State Police to be railroaded to prison all at taxpayer expense?

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