Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Connecticut State Police "Game" of making False Arrests

False arrests lead to false imprisonment. There is no accountability of police officers in Connecticut. Do you feel safe?

Excerpt: The game was to make enough drunken driving arrests to qualify for the "100 Club" - 100 arrests for the year. But following the rules often didn't matter. Nor did whether the driver was really drunk.

Troopers were supposed to videotape arrests. Often they didn't. They mishandled evidence. They even counseled motorists against taking the breathalyzer, warning them they would spend more time in the police lockup if they chose to exercise their rights. [more]

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Faces of Victims

of Connecticut Police misconduct:

[click here] for more

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17 y/o Ian Murzin choked to death by CT State Trooper, revived, and never the same

[click here] for more

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Judges in Connecticut are willing to give felons on probation a free pass when they act for police in killing or trying to kill citizens that make police misconduct complaints. [more]

Should police be able to pay informants cash to kill citizens that make police misconduct complaints and not face prison?


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