Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dirty Tricks and Sealed Court Cases

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Press Release:

Court documents allege Wisconsin man “Nifonged” by James E. Doyle

A Wisconsin man has filed petitions under penalty of perjury in state and federal courts seeking, respectively, the overturn of an unlawful conviction, and federal protection. Steven Alan Magritz claims retaliation and persecution over the years by Doyle ever since he obtained admissions in a private civil lawsuit that James E. Doyle was using Wisconsin taxpayer resources to finance his sister Catherine Doyle’s private lawsuit against Focus On The Family, American Family Association, VCY America, Inc. and other entities or pastors.

Catherine Doyle had been accused of kicking a 7 year old girl child in the face on May 15, 1993 , while the child was kneeling praying in front of an 'abortuary'. The special prosecutor appointed by judge Sheedy dropped the case against Doyle after the child’s family, having been threatened, disappeared.

Catherine Doyle then sued for slander, and in her FOURTH amended complaint – 6 years into her lawsuit - named Magritz as conspiring with VCY et al. Magritz who had never heard of Catherine Doyle at the time of the alleged conspiracy, obtained admissions which resulted in the case being immediately settled and the case file sealed after 7 years of what Magritz claims was actually James E. Doyle’s “fishing expedition” to further his political ambitions.

Doyle thereafter allegedly retaliated against Magritz, who, unlike the “Nifonged” Duke lacrosse players whose families have racked up a reported $3 million in legal bills, was a poor person who couldn’t afford a lawyer, and was not afforded assistance or counsel by the court. His conviction, sentencing, and imprisonment was a “slam dunk” for Doyle, and was used as a campaign issue in Doyle’s election as Governor, with Magritz relentlessly branded as a 'paper terrorist'.

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Francis C. P. Knize and I appeared recently on global Truth Radio and a listener emailed me the above. I will be posting videos Frank Knize and I shoot [here]


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