Monday, October 15, 2007

Is my math correct?

I went [here] to find the current population and [here] to figure out what the actual national debt is.

So, if we are about 303 million people and we owe 60 trillion in our national debt, does that mean a baby born right now owes about $200,000?

Well, I wasn't getting police protection and service when I owned [these properties] so Connecticut police and corrupt courts saw that I lost my retirement, home, investment properties, small business, family, credit, and the sum total of my life's work to send me to prison for proposing what I thought were to solutions to downtown USA problems to elected officials.

I'm not paying ... are you?

Does it make sense for state like Connecticut to use [Eminent Domain] bulldoze affordable housing and rents and established small businesses to displace average people, ruin business, so a few rich people and their politicians friends get what is left of the US pie in their "shell game" while we all get the shaft?


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