Monday, October 22, 2007

Police have unlimited spying powers

Police in Connecticut will tap your phones, monitor your computer use, and set you up for arrests and prison for contacting elected officials about doing something about judicial and police corruption in Connecticut. If you refuse to be romantically involved with a CT State Police Officer or one of their operatives you can be put on surveillance, not allowed to date by police, arrested, put in prison, and lose everything. [more]

Photos courtesy of The Falcon

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Elected officials that act against police and judicial corruption can be put under surveillance and just like the Mafia, police and members of the judiciary will go after entire families in retaliation.

Barbara Sattal, pictured above told me that if I didn't continue to date her, "Dad", as she allegedly referred to Col. Davoren of the Connecticut State Police, formerly the LT of Troop C, Tolland Connecticut, would have the Connecticut State Police enforce a "no dating" policy on me, run me out of Connecticut, and make me lose everyting.

They did. 2 Connecticut State Troopers committed perjury at my fixed Rockville Connecticut Superior Court, Judge Jonathan Kaplan, presiding, where I was sentenced to a year in prison for resisting being mugged in my dark driveway. The felon that attacked me on my property, committing felonies, was given immunity from prosecution by State Police and the courts.


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