Monday, October 01, 2007

Police pulling attractive women over for dates

I worked for a woman that is or was a Connecticut prosecutor. She is considered very attractive, and is, or was, married.

She and her husband live or lived on Gillette Ave, Springfield, MA. I performed paint and wall covering services for them. They adopted a 2 year old dog from a shelter during the time I was working there and helped let in and out while they were at work.

The Connecticut prosecutor claimed a Connecticut State Police Officer pulled her over on the highway and felt that she should be flattered that he pulled her over for being attractive. The officer wanted a date. The prosecutor turned him in, and had the feeling that the officer would get a free pass and she might suffer retaliation.

I performed similar wall covering and painting services for a Connecticut prosecutor and his male companion in Longmeadow, MA, on a side street off of Converse St. The prosecutor told me he chose to live out of Connecticut to avoid having his lifestyle being outed to influence court cases. I got their fire alarm system sensor wet twice stripping wallpaper, and the fire department showed up twice ...

Just two more little snippets to expose the true nature of some police officers and members of the judiciary.

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Women Raped by Connecticut State Police afraid to complain

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